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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 4

Although I lived in Ganghwa for a long time, I didn't know what the charm of Ganghwa was. However, people from other regions knew the charm of Ganghwa and visited Ganghwa many times. Watching this scene, I felt that I should know more about my hometown than them, and this led me to participate in the global camp. I chose the topic 'Culture and Society of Gnghwa' among many topics related to Ganghwa. Of course, there were many other interesting topics, but I thought the range was too limited to know all about it. So, I chose a topic that shows variously the charm of Ganghwa.

Even before the camp, I knew about Ganghwa's festiver such as the Ganghwa Dolmen Festival and Ganghwa's specialty such as ginseng and sweet potatoes. Because During my life in Ganghwa, many people asked me, and I saw and felt many things about Ganghwa.

In general, I learned about Ganghwa culture and society that I researched directly during the camp. I learned that there is a wind orchestra in Ganghwa, and that the society of Ganghwa and Shamanism are connected through Mt. Mani of Ganghwa. Listening to another group's presentation, I also learned that Ganghwa and the Goryeo Dynasty were closely related, which made me feel that the proud of the old site of Ganghwa.

During the camp, My role is for the Ganghwa Festival, such as Ganghwa's Mt. Goryeo azalea Festival and salted shrimp Festival, and I wrote a presentation script of the news format. Based on the presentation script, I also conducted presentation exercise.

As I announced through the news format during the camp, I think that I wanted to use the media format to inform Ganghwa. Of course, I still know that there are many visitors to Ganghwa. But when I asked my friends in other regions, "Did you know about the Ganghwa?" there have been many friends who answered "I didn't know." Based on this experience, I would like to inform about Ganghwa not only other regions but also the world through internet media, news and newspapers.