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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 10

The reason why I applied for this camp is because I felt that the camp was special because I could study with my friends and translate it into English with the help of a native English teacher. So I wanted to actively exchange with my native English teacher and improve my English conversation skills through this camp. Also, I wanted to improve my ability to deliver information so that people could be interested in the areas I researched. The subjects I chose were celebrities and historical sites in Ganghwa. The reason why I chose this subject is because I am interested in history. Usually I thought history was a memorization subject and it wasn't very interesting. So by choosing this topic, I thought I could personally explore my interest in history and organize an interesting presentation. The reason why I chose this topic as a student in Ganghwado Island is because I felt that I lacked knowledge of the history of Ganghwado. All I know about this topic is Koryo writer Lee Gyu-bo who lived in Ganghwa during the first semester of the Goryeo Dynasty. I knew little of his detailed life story. However, while attending an international camp, I learned about Lee's life story and his masterpiece. He also learned about the purpose and nature of Jeongjoksanseong Fortress, General Eo Jae-yeon who defeated the Mongol army in Gwangseongbo, the structural features of Gwangseongbo, and various events that took place in Gwangseongbo. Finally, I learned about the simple process of fighting. This is what I learned about historical knowledge. From now on, I will write about what I learned outside of historical knowledge. First, I learned to blend in with my friends. At first, it was not easy to decide because there were a lot of comments when setting the details of the whole topic. So we gathered opinions and reached a conclusion, not just insisting on each other's opinions. I usually used a method of selecting one of the opinions to coordinate various opinions. So I felt that the process was new, and I realized that this method could create more colorful and interesting themes. Next, I learned the ability to solve an emergency without panic. In fact, our team members' thinking and the teacher's intended theme were in different directions, causing the contents of our group to overlap with other groups. When it was published the next day, it was impossible to change the way a new paper was written and published. We were so embarrassed at first that we didn't know what to do. However, we confirmed that there were changes, so we were able to safely complete the paper and finish the presentation well. Through this, I learned that when I face a crisis, I can solve problems that I have to solve without fear.That's what I learned at the World Camp. My role was to investigate Jeongjoksanseong and write a play script. And in my role, first of all, as I thought of words and sentences in a way that was easy to understand, I realized that I could clearly read the contents of a dictionary that was difficult to understand, while researching and organizing the name, structure, location, and events of Jeongjoksanseong And while writing the script, I thought about how to write scripts that improve transmission capability and understood it more deeply from the perspective of Yang Heon-soo, Eo Jae-yeon, and Lee Gyu-bo. What they want to do at the next camp is choose their own topic. Although all the topics that the teacher chose were interesting, students would be more interested in the topic and the quality of the results would be improved if they chose a topic that suited their job or interest. Also, I want to have time to develop friendship between teams.In fact, I didn't have much time to talk to my teachers and team members because I didn't have enough time to write a report and prepare a presentation. At the next camp, I think it would be good to spend time together.Finally, I would like to write my final thoughts on this global village.It was unfortunate that many unexpected things happened during our activities.But through this camp, we were able to learn not only knowledge but also the wisdom of future community life. I want to go back to the camp and get a lot out of this process.