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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 7

I participated in this global camp for the second time. I chose the theme of ' Management of Goryeo, Byeongnando' at the last Global. My dream was marketer before but turned into biological researcher. So I chose the subject of renewable energy and conservation at this global camp. This time, I participated in the global camp, gaining more knowledge, various experiences, and making presentations with people for the first time. I thought it was a great opportunity to improve my ability to write and speak English for 3 days. I also participated this time because I gained a lot of experience during the last global camp.

My dream is to be a biological researcher. I am interested in living things and I like biomedical science. So I chose this topic because I wanted to have a global camp to learn about the creatures in Ganghwa. Also, these days, the Earth is getting warmer due to environmental pollution, so I was interested in one of many solutions: renewable energy. Because we can reduce environmental pollution through renewable energy. So I thought it would be fun to research, think and announce during this camp, connecting biology and renewable energy. I was also proud and excited to be able to use what I learned at school during this time.

Before the camp, I knew only what I had learned at school, what renewable energy was, what life was and what kind of things were. Through this camp, however, we learned more about the new and renewable energy plants in Ganghwa, what creatures live in Ganghwa, and what natural monuments of Ganghwa are. There were also many newly discovered creatures that looked at living in Ganghwa, so I became more interested in living things. And I wanted to know why the environment of Ganghwa is good for living organisms, where creatures in Ganghwa lives in other areas except Ganghwa, and what it has in common with Ganghwa. And I have curious about renewables such as where to install renewable energy.

I worked in the team to investigate and translate the creatures living in Ganghwa. We also posted on our group's research on Wiki, and made necessary props for the presentation on the last day. I also created a mind map on Wiki. I am not good at computer but I was proud to have made mind map and put an icon in it. And when my friends looked busy and there seemed to be a lot of work to do, I tried hard to finish it by helping my friends.

Through this camp, I wanted to do more biological research which was my dream. As I learned about the creatures I didn't know, and learned about why various trees are natural monuments, I was excited and wanted to find out more about the variety of creatures living in not only my country but also other countries. And I also became more interested in renewable energy, so I wanted to work hard as a person who can develop renewable energy and save the Earth,too. During this camp,I think that we should work harder to develop renewable energy to preserve the various creatures that are dying of environmental pollution, and we hope to achieve peaceful coexistence with nature and human beings by doing what we can to protect the environment.

I feel like I learned more from this camp than I learned from the last camp, and I am really happy to have a more diverse experience. If there is another opportunity like this, I will not miss it. And I will certainly become a biological researcher and become a person who will study and study more about living creatures on Earth.

2018 Summer Personal Essay

Topic: Management in Goryeo Dynasty, The stage of the Gaeseong merchant - Byeongnando

I was looking for a beneficial activity for summer vacation and I found out about the Global Camp that presents various subjects about of Goryeo Dynasty in Ganghwa in the celebration of 1100th anniversary of the founding of Korea. Also it will be enlightening experience that will widen my vision as it will be discussed in English with foreign teachers in order to share our knowledge and information together about Goryeo's history. Furthermore I’ve always dreamed about having a marketing career that requires excellent foreign language skills. That's why i eagerly applied for 'The Global Forum Camp' so that i can be able to meet and know other people with different nationality despite of the short time.

Actually, i want to study business administration and work for a cosmetics company called 'AmorePacific' in marketing department. That's why i was motivated by this topic as I thought it will help me later if i do research about the management of Goryeo Dynasty. In addition, Marketing is to sell goods not only inside the country but also outside it, so I wanted to know more about the trade strategy that was followed at that time, the main countries that they deal with and to learn new aspects of management and trade of Goryeo as well.

A few days ago, I knew that the artificial leather industry has been developed since Goryeo Dynasty when I participated in school club activity. Also I knew about those goods that were produced and about its high quality. In addition, I learned about the agricultural production methods of Goryeo during history class and I knew that the profit that gained through the agricultural production methods and that Byeongnando was the representative trading port of Goryeo at that time.

Through this camp, I learned about Byeongnando, which was the representative trading port of Goryeo, the advantage of Byeongnando's location and the exported and imported products as well. I also learned that Yesung port was the previous name of Byeongnando and government officers were hosted in the Byeongnanjong. I knew more detailed information about the foreign trade of Goryeo and the merchants of Gaeseong, who were one of the reasons that the trade flourished that time. Thus, I thought about the difference between Goryeo, and the current management, aslo about the management strategies I would have choosen if I were a merchant in Goryeo Dynasty.

And I was in charge of researching data and translating it. I also actively expressed my opinion when we discussed what we will do with the team leader. Not only that but also i participated in displaying our topic through Wiki.

Thanks to the useful information that I get through this camp about management in Goryeo Dynasty, i think it will help me to choose my strategy in attracting not only the local but also the foreigners. As trading with Arabian merchants in Byeongnando was the reason that made 'Goryeo' called 'Korea', this will be a good motivation for me if I become a marketer for Cosmetics Company to promote our cosmetics products to the world with their excellent marketing strategies.