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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 2

We had a camp with a foreign teacher in the dormitory for three days. At first, it was awkward and difficult to communicate, but after three days, I could communicate with my teacher and communicate my opinions. The themes of our group were dolmen and prehistoric times. Ganghwa Island is famous for its dolmen, so we decided to explore the dolmen further. So I explored many subjects such as the origin of dolmen, how to make them, and why there are many dolmen in Ganghwado. And I made a dolmen with my friends and announced it. Though the dolmen were not impressed by the idea of stone, the announcement gave us a glimpse into the hidden secrets of the late idol and the thoughts of his ancestors. It was a lot of pressure to talk, share opinions and complete a single point with a foreign teacher, but after that, a lot of things seemed to have grown. I also learned how to organize data using a program called Wiki for the first time. It was very awkward at first and difficult to organize, but after that, it was considered the surest way to organize the data and the new generation to share it with many people. It was a short experience, but I was able to get many things.