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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 1

About the first global camp.

I want to tell you what I felt during my first four days of participating in this global camp and why I joined this camp. I was a little interested in Goryeo because I have lived in Ganghwa since I was young. The academic program, which was conducted at a girls' high school, has also raised interest in Goryeo. Then, I learned this program to study history in English. Also, I joined this camp with anxiety and expectation, thinking that I can study English naturally which has always been difficult for me.

When I participated, I had a lot of topics so I had to think about it a lot. In the end, In the end I chose the most interesting and most basic topic of the Ganghwa and Goryeo. Ganghwa is famous for its wonderful festivals, tourist attractions, historic places and relics, but I thought it was boring in terms of its relative historical location. So, I really wanted to understand the deep part of Goryeo this time. There were also some facts that I knew a little bit about this topic, so I thought it would be more interesting, easier, and more involved. For example, I knew a little bit about the strategic reasons why Ganghwa was the capital of Goryeo for 39 years and moved the capital from Gaegyeong to Ganghwa(1. Gaegyong and Ganghwa were close. 2. The large tidal difference prevented the invasion of Mongolia, which was weak at sea.). I only knew the basics, but I learned a lot from this camp. If I didn't pay much attention to the topic or find more detailed information, I wouldn't have been aware of the shortcomings of Goryeo's move to Ganghwa because there was a limit to what I learned in history textbooks. So I first learned about the shortcomings of Ganghwado Island in Goryeo at this camp. I also found out that Choi Woo, then a powerful man, was too coercive when moving the capital from Gaegyeong to Ganghwa. It was also fun to check the facts with a native teacher who is a history expert.

I played the role of team leader 1 and script writer in this global camp. As a team leader, I tried to communicate with my native teacher and team members as freely as possible. Actually, I became a team leader, but since I participated in the global camp for the first time, I was worried if I could do well. However, I was grateful because the teams helped each other so much, unlike the worries. In addition, the team made a lot of concessions to each other, even when they didn't fit in with their seniors and friends, so I felt that this was the team. Within the actual team, I added a little bit of my English skills by writing scripts and searching for unnecessary information or translating scripts. The native teacher complimented me a lot, so I could cheer up a lot. I felt like a great person to write difficult contents in English. Anyway, I think we learned a lot from each other through these team activities. We could greatly realize that cooperation and help from each other were the biggest forces.

The reason why I participated in the global camp and what I valued the most was 'hope' and 'need to learn' and I thought these were the attitudes I needed for my job as a reporter who I really wanted. So this camp of challenge and execution, to know what I was curious about, became a great realization to me. In fact, at first I felt burdened by this camp to do everything in English, and communication was more difficult. However, as I tried to apply for it and tried to do it again, I think I felt less burden in speaking English on the last day. That alone I think I've won something valuable from this camp. It was most touching to say,“You don't know unless you try.” I was so happy to try to overcome the burden of the presentation and the burden of speaking in poor English through this global camp. By trying these small challenges and feeling many things, I came to think that challenge is not more frightening than I thought. The opportunity of camp was the best growth I had in winter vacation.