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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 6

This is the first time that I participate this camp. Because my friend invited me to join. Recently I'm interested in architecture so I wanted to search and study deeply about that. So I choose the topic 'Military History and Ganghwa - Joseon Period and Contemporary International Relations' to search place where we had fight with other countries. By this camp I wanted to study about Ganghwa's Military Historical structure, practice speaking English, learn cooperation. During the camp,I was so tired three times. First tired thing was to set a specific topic. It took us more time to set specific topics and research than other teams because there was so much diversity in what we had to deal with. We had to deal with military history, historical places, the geographical role of Ganghwa, relation between North and South Korea. Research wasn't that hard but it was hard to think ideas for presentation. So we discuss about long time. The second one was writing Wiki page. After the research of French campaign against Korea, I had to write those in English. I'd never translated the English sentences more than 10 sentences so while I'm translating the page. My brain was going to blow up. The last one was presentation. We had to memorize the lines for the play presentation in a few hours.It was difficult to speak naturally with correct pronunciation for the play. However, I was proud of my active involvement in all the activities. I presented various ideas for presentation and finally chose the idea of making a time trip based on the Korean educational cartoon 'Why?' which I suggested. So I was the leader of presentation. And I was tried to have a lot of conversations with our teacher Olga. Also I leaned the leadership by our team leader that have to be a good listener and motivator, and right cooperation by communication. I think because we support each other that we could make it on time. I did broadcasting service, too. Before We started the presentation, I played a role of directing caution and adjusting the sound to the volume of each speaker's voice. If I have a chance to participate in the global camp again, I would like to study a wider topic than Ganghwa for a week(Three days was too short).