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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 1

I had worried a lot before the global camp started, but looking back, it was happy memories. The reason that I joined this camp is because I thought it was opportunity to use English.( ex) talk with native teacher ) I regret that I didn't speak a lot to native teacher because I feel shame about what I couldn't make a sentences well. My friend asked hard to teacher. I was a little surprised by her passion. I had thought I need to emulate her, so last day, I nerved myself to ask teacher. The reason that I choose this topic is.. I couldn't find the topic related to my future hope.. so I followed my buddy's choice. ºuº

I didn't know much about this topic before the camp. Just.. thing I had learned in class? I had learned about Choi Woo the we presented. So that name was familiar to me. um.. maybe that’s all. haha.. What I learned about this topic during the camp is.. first, Ganghwa Island was a good place to defend Mongolia that was strong in the land fight and weak in sea fight. Second, Choi Woo the dictator pushed ahead with a plan that transfer the capital to ganghwa island. Third, People were forced to work to make Ganghwa Island to thriving island. Fourth, at that time, national treasures since the silla dynasty, have been lost. Fifth, Kubilai Khan made many concessions when he made peace with wonjong the king of Goryeo. etc.. I knew a lot of things while preparing for the play. Studying history in english was simultaneous. so I thought it was doubly fruitful.

My role was doing narration. Narrator is very calm. I really wanted to avoid dynamic role. I had thought 'if our team will doing play, I have to take on a role of narrator' before the camp started. With the consideration of our group, I was able to take on the narrator. ^v^ I was lucky. Because even if I made my hand pop up like popcorn when role setting time, I lost in rock-paper-scissors. I read script so fast during the play. I don't think I read my part well. Sad but true. But I'm going to make progress in future.

I want to become a nurse. And I wanna work in San Francisco. I feel closer to my dream by having time to talk with our native teacher and to cooperate with my friends. Our teammate and native teacher is nice. I think I was lucky to be a team 1. Everyone's presentation was wonderful. The camp was a pleasant development.