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2019 Winter Personal Essay

When I first participated this camp was last year. It was really tired but I really had a lot of fun and I learned many things. So I wanted to join this global camp one more time. This time, I wanted to learn more about Ganghwa and communicate with foreigners. And by communicating with them, I wanted to learn about their cultures and teach them about Ganghwa too.

Actually, my dream is medical researcher. In this developing century, medical things are becoming more and more important. So I want to study and research medical things and help many people. Our team topic was Agriculture, Fishing Industries and Traditional Markets and the reason why I chose this topic was I wanted to introduce about good special products of Ganghwa Island. By introducing about them, I wanted to help people to learn medical knowledge and keep healthy.

As I grew up in Ganghwa since I was young, I knew about traditional market and special products in Ganghwa. I knew that Pungmul market sells many products and it was the role of the mayor. But I didn’t know the history about Pungmul market and difference between ordinary big markets. And I knew that there are many kinds of famous special products in Ganghwa such as turnips, yellow sweet potatoes and lion’s foot medical ssooks. But I didn’t know the exact efficiency about them.

During this winter global camp, I learn about more specific information about Agriculture, Fishing Industries and Traditional Markets. First of all, Ganghwa Pungmul Market opened in 2007 and it is a traditional market that has a long tradition. It is located in the center of Ganghwa and it is held every 5 days. Ganghwa Pungmul Market is a name derived from "pungmul," which means "special attractions or special products of any region or season." Since the Goryeo Dynasty began reclamation project, repair facilities and agricultural land have developed widely. With this historical and geographical background, the market developed early on. Today, it is usual recognized as a tourist destination that reminds people of the past rather than the role of the mayor. Secondly, the surface of the turnips is purple and the inside is white.. Ganghwa Island is famous for turnips because the soil, wind, and temperature of Ganghwa Island are suitable for growing them. A unique turnip seed of Ganghwa is a mixture of native turnip seeds and colwell seeds. Eating turnips prevents constipation and helps diuretic action. It is also effective for dieting and fatigue recovery because it is low in calories and high in fiber. Next, Ganghwa yellow sweet potato is more yellow inside than ordinary sweet potato. In May 1998, after considering the name of the product for branding, Ganghwa yellow sweet potato research association officially registered it as "Ganghwa yellow sweet potato.” Thanks to the Ganghwa Island's unique West Sea breeze and abundant variety of nutrients such as carbohydrates, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and vitamins, and is sufficient for a meal or snack since it is rich in minerals and has few side effects. Unlike sweet potatoes in other regions, the sweet potato is yellow inside and has a high sugar content, and unlike chestnut sweet potatoes, it don’t choke you and it is easily digestible. Lastly, The name "a lion's foot medicine ssook" is given because it looks like a lion's foot when you turn the crown leaf upside down. Since ancient times, a lion’s foot medicine ssook has grown on Ganghwa Island centering on Mani Mountain. A Lion's Foot Medicine ssook grows clean unlike land. It grows with salt wind and fog because it is around the sea. So it is recorded as the most effective drug in various books.

Before the camp I was afraid about communicating with foreigners and having a presentation in English. During the camp I tried hard to give an idea. I wasn’t the leader of our team but I tried my best to communicate with our teacher and my teammates. I researched about Ganghwas mudflat and creatures living there. And me and my teammates wrote a script for the roll play. It was difficult at first but with the help of our teacher we finalized it successfully. Even though our team didn’t get a good score, we finished the roll play well. In the roll play, my roll was a tour guide of Ganghwa and I explained about Ganghwas special products.

This winter global camp was really meaningful experience for me. I had a lot of fun and learned many things. The best part was that I overcame my fear speaking in English. It was really good to make a new relationship with my teacher Sally. This was my last chance to participate in global camp so I feel very sad about that. I really recommend this camp to my juniors.