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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 6

Why I join the camp

This is my first camp. The reason why I participated in this camp was that I thought it would be helpful to me, even though my friend and teacher recommended me. When friends hear how they feel about the camp, it is said to be a difficult but meaningful experience. I joined this camp because I think I can improve my confidence and ability in English.

Why I choose this topic

I honestly didn't like all the themes of this camp. That's why I chose what i most interested in. I was usually interested in war. I think the reason why mankind has grown so fast is because of war. Many things are needed in war. In addition to strategies, weapons, medical technology and agricultural technology and a lot of skills are needed. So I chose the subject of battle, thinking that I could talk a lot about it. As a result I haven't said what I want to say but I don't regret choosing this topic.

What I know about the topic before the camp

I knew about many battles on Ganghwa Island before this camp. But through this camp, I was able to learn why these battles were fought in Ganghwa Island and why it was important. And we could see how well Ganghwa Island is geographically located and why other countries coveted it.

What I learn about the topic during camp

What I know best through this camp is the geographical role of Ganghwa Island. Ganghwa Island is in an easy position to get to the capital of Joseon.Therefore, Ganghwa Island is also a place to prevent foreign invasions.Not only that, I learned why so many battles took place on Ganghwa Island.

What I role in the team

I post a message on Wiki on the team. I made some registered with the post what our team write and choose some picture to the post. And I turn over the ppt during the team presentation and play a small part.

What my future hopes for the camp

I hope that the next camp will be held on a variety of subjects, not a limited topic. This time, it was hard to choose the topic because of the limited topic of Ganghwa Island. It took me a long time to decide the topic because the teamate wanted something different. So, next time, I want to share the subject with friends who agree with me without limiting the subject.