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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 5
Remembering the Pain of Korea 

Why I joined in Global Camp

I also participated in the global camp during the summer vacation. At that time, I tried to use English that I don’t usually use, and learned a lot. I was able to experience a lot of learning by talking about the topic with friends and sisters who chose the same topic, exploring the topic. I had a great experience at the last Global Camp, so I wanted to do it again.

Why I chose the topic of 'Human Rights'

In fact, I originally chose the topic of 'social culture' and then exchanged it with my friend. Since my dream is to be a PD and I have explored the subject of 'female human rights' the other day, I wanted to explore other topics other than 'human rights'. However, I ended up choosing 'human rights.' Because when I learned history in school, watched movies or dramas, I sympathized a lot with people's lives whose lived in Japanese occupation period. So I wanted to find out more and think about it. It was the most touching topic in my mind, so I think I had to choose. Also, I wanted to explore human rights of the past because I am interested in human rights as well as women's rights.

Global camp before and after, my knowledge of human rights of Koreans in Japanese occupation period

When I learned about Japanese occupation in Korean history class, Japan violated the human rights of the Korean people by prohibit the use of Korean, comfort women, forced labor, oppression of the press, looting, flogging. Even, Japan did not treat Koreans as human and trampled on their human rights. Participating the global camp, I could explore more about Korean human rights violations in the Japanese occupation. I found out that many newspapers and magazines tried to record and publicize the atrocities of Japan in the face of oppression. Like this, the press used as a means of national movement against the Japanese imperial, but some pro-Japanese press abused the press with great influence by using to convey a distorted fact in favor of Japan.

My role in the global camp

I research about law concerning the censorship of the press, the press censorship apparatus, the standard of press censorship, press repression through administrative measures, press repression through judicial treatment, and wrote a part of our paper in English based on my research. Also, I uploaded a paper written by my group to MediaWiki and attached the photo material. I linked the source and modified the uploaded paper to look good. After two global camps, I almost mastered Wiki. And I actively expressed my opinion as a member of our group.

What I felt and learned through the Global Camp

I am grateful for the opportunity to speak English and write a paper in English while joining the global camp. When I used and applied English, which was usually only seen as a formal and hard test, I felt closer to English. Also, English seems to be a tool for communication and expression, not a score, so I want to learn more to communicate and express myself in English. And when I become a broadcaster, I will try to show viewers only the right things that are not distorted like newspapers, magazines that tried to convey the right information in the face of danger. There is a saying, "There is no future for people who forget history." The positive things that have happened in the past should be used as an example, and the negative things should not happen again. People sometimes make mistakes and fail. But it is stupid to repeat past mistakes and failures alike. We should learn from past events and should not repeat past mistakes and failures. History and country are the same as this. We must learn and analyze the painful history of the past and must not repeat it in the future. Also, we should heal the wounds of the time. We still have unhealed wounds. We ask for a sincere apology from Japan. Japan must mention all the atrocities committed during Japanese occupation one by one, apologizing sincerely. They should apologize until they can be forgiven by touching the hearts of the victims. I hope that this factor, which currently acts as an obstacle to the exchange between Korea and Japan, will be resolved quickly.

2018 Summer Personal Essay

Past and Present Conversations on Women's Human Rights

I knew that 'Global Forum Camp' is a camp where people from similar fields communicate in English and produce results. So for me it was a wonderful opportunities to improve my english and have a meaningful activities. Above all, I had so many expectations from this camp, like I will get a chance to share my feelings and explore my area of interest as well as share my stories and thoughts with same minded people.

I was fascinated by the influence of broadcasting and media, and wanted to send my message to many people to make a better world. My career path was broadcasting and media, and I was interested in social issues. In particular, I was mostly interested in women's human rights issues, and wanted to led a comparative analysis of women's social status in the ' society ' field : focusing on changes in the Goryeo, Joseon and the present time. I also wanted to practice with a critical viewpoint. I am a feminist and I have a little knowledge about feminism. I was in touch with feminism because of our middle school friends. They used to influence me a lot. My feminist friends wanted to improve the life of women in modern society, and that is the reason I came close to them.

Recently, in my first year of high school I did not call themselves feminists because I had some strange feelings. Feminism is a difficult and distant thought, and not feel the seriousness of the scandal. But feminism we learn more about the severity and want to make a change. So I am still studying with interest. Knowing about feminism, I felt uncomfortable about what was taken for granted and was perfectly fine. Arrhenophobia mirroring to begin to understand the misogyny for people these days sport ― megal, womadeu ― for this spread and turn the public to ‘feminism’. Personally I felt wrong and bad because of people’s rejection. ‘Gender equality’ started for the purpose of the ‘feminism’ that about a quarrel between the sex is wrong. However, I think it is hard to ignore that ' masogyny ' happens only on the Internet, but ' misogyny ' comes directly to women even in real life. I was very touched by the phrase " I am a woman who survived by chance " at a post-it memorial event at Gangnam Station. We are not immune from the dangers of murder, sexual harassment, Illegal shooting and other crimes on a daily basis. In fact, the ratio of female executives and high-ranking positions in society is significantly lower. A society where women need to be careful and protected should be transformed into an unprotected society. The world we live in must change.

When learning about the Goryeo Dynasty at school, the teacher emphasized the " status of women in the Goryeo Dynasty. " This was because it was a feature of Goryeo that was different from other times. During the Goryeo Dynasty, men and women were considered completely equal. After finding it easier to understand the remaining male-centered practices of the Joseon Dynasty and explored the life of women in the Goryeo Dynasty, we found that in Goryeo there was considerable equality between men and women compared to Joseon. Even during the Goryeo Dynasty, however, there was no complete equality between men and women. The nation has come to realize that male supremacy has become common from long ago.

The first day, we asked each other in English and got to know each other. Then they explained each other to their team members. He explored the history of women's rights and topics. He also wrote a paper. On the second day, I translated the paper into English and prepared for the presentation. I also wrote an essay through the activities that I learned and gained. I learned how to edit with wiki media and I edit many things of our report. The third day, the last day, tomorrow, will be announced in a news format.

I think communication and empathy are the most important things about my career. Through this activity, I have experienced deep learning while communicating with my friends and senior team members and teachers. Through the activities of writing a paper in Korean and translating it into English, I was able to explore women's human rights throughout Goryeo, Joseon and modern times. This led to a deeper study of women's human rights.
Inconvenient courage will change the world.

History is a record of the past. History includes glorious history, proud history, shameful history, and painful history. We need to analyze history, reflect on it, think it over again, and find ways to solve the current problem. During the Goryeo Dynasty, women's rights seemed to be guaranteed, but discrimination existed and was not intact. while in the Joseon Dynasty, Gender discrimination was taken for granted by Confucianism, and women's human rights were cruelly trampled on. Although some people are awake at the moment, that does not mean that women's human rights are fully guaranteed. We, women, are still being discriminated against and oppressed by Confucian customs and ideas that have rooted in people's minds as social weak. You should not repeat past mistakes. It needs to be better at the moment. And for the better present and future, I will take on ' uncomfortable courage ' to achieve full gender equality. We will speak up for gender equality through the promotion of women's human rights. With misogyny and sexual discrimination deeply embedded in our lives, I hope more people realize the seriousness and join our campaign. History has brought harmony and solidarity with us. May there be a wave of unity and solidarity among us.