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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 6

The reason why he participated in the Global Issues Forum camp was because he applied during the first semester, but was unable to participate due to unavoidable circumstances. So I left a lot of regrets, and I applied right away after hearing that my hometown, Ganghwa, was a topic. Also, I am usually afraid of speaking English, and if a foreigner wants to talk or ask something next to me, I naturally avoid my eyes, and if I start talking, I often avoid it. So, through this Global Issues Forum camp, I applied to eliminate fear of English by talking directly with foreign teachers and making presentations in English.

The theme of our team was 'Military History and Ganghwwa - Josun Period and Contemporary International Relationships of the Joseon Dynasty and modern times'. The reason why I chose this theme is because I wanted to gain new knowledge this time because I was not confident in answering questions about the war that took place on Ganghwado Island, where did it happen?

How much influence will Ganghwa, a small island in South Korea and not the capital of Seoul, have on international relations until it finds material to be posted on the website prior to the camp? Considering the military events during the Joseon Dynasty and the international relations in Ganghwa during the Joseon Dynasty, I was not sure what to say.

So as a member of Team 6, I was very proud to have contributed a lot of information and I wanted to get a lot of information in the process of finding it. To briefly introduce what I got, Ganghwa was crafted through Han River during the Joseon Dynasty. So for this reason, many countries tried to invade. And there was the advantage that Ganghwado Island could be prevented from being an enemy chip through the sea.

I made the necessary material for the presentation on the team. I made it with a friend of Cho Won, but I was upset that I didn't see the light of the material when I made the presentation.

I wanted to be in the education field during this camp, but it was too crowded to do it. Then, students who do not really know what they want to do will get too many, so it would be better to recruit without limiting the number of students.