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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 10

Before I took part in this camp, I saw an article on the Internet that looked remarkable. It was an internet article titled 'Ganghwa the Roofless Museum, No Representative?' As I read the article, I think that Ganghwa Island has many historical places and even a world heritage site called 'Dolmen'. However, as the title of this article suggests, if someone asks me who is the representative of Ganghwa, I can not answer it.

A few days after seeing the article, the school gathered people to participate in the Global Issues Forum camp. I participated in the camp, pledging to be more systematic than the last one because I had already experienced it. Among the 9 topic's of this camp was the topic of Ganghwa's famous people and Historic Sites. I remembered the article I saw a few days ago and picked this topic without hesitation. with a determination to find Ganghwa's famous people. It wasn't hard to choose the historical site like a 'roofless museum.' The big task for our team was to find the 'person' associated with our chosen site. I searched for Park Doo-sung, who created the Braille of Han-gul, but the problem was that he had nothing to do with the historical site of Ganghwa.

Our team decided to investigate and announce Lee Gyu-bo, who defended Korea by holding a brush instead of a sword during the Goryeo - Mongolian War, General Yang Heon-soo who defeated the French army in Jeongjoksanseong, and General Eo Jae-yeon who defeated the U.S. military in Gwangseongbo. It was easy to investigate because it was what I learned at school, but I also learned that I did not learn these subjects in school by exploring them more deeply than before. For example, After his death, he was promoted to Byeongjopanseo Jisamgunbusa.

So our team has investigated all of our topics and is only ready for the presentation. To concentrate the audience on our presentation, I suggested using the time machine of Doraemon and Jingu that everyone knows. My friend and I offered to write a script. After the presentation, I felt good because the script I wrote myself was interesting to others.

Our teacher helped us a lot at this camp. On the first day, when we had nothing to investigate on the subject, the teacher looked for something to investigate. I really thank my teacher. It was the camp where there was only an increase in all aspects, including cooperation with friends, the degree to which we learned about topics that we chose, and the ability to use English. It was the Camp that Killing Two Birds with One Stone.

2018 Summer Personal Essay

Topic: The measures for Unified Korea based on the diplomacy and the internal policy in Goryeo Dynasty Team: 5

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I was not confident in English until middle school. But after I got into high school, I tried English and got good grades. However, there were not many opportunities to use English in real life. This time an opportunity has come to me. Under the name of ' Global Camp, ' foreign instructors also come. I thought this camp would be a valuable and valuable opportunity to communicate with foreigners by talking in English. So I joined this camp.

The reason I choose this 'politics' topic is because it has to do with my dream. My dream is to be a police officer. The police are those who ensure the social order and well-being of the nation and protect the safety and property of the people. I chose this theme because the state of a country is affected by politics, and I have to know politics to protect nation.

First of all, Goryeo was founded by King Taejo who unified the later three kingdoms. King Taejo, who actively accepted various peoples, achieved true unification. Unification is not easy for the two Koreas, who live completely different lives in the political system of free democracy and popular democracy. Therefore, it is important to carefully review the internal policies of Goryeo which unified the following the later three countries and come up with ways to unify the two Koreas.

I explored the internal policies of Goryeo and translated them into English, identifying the achievements of Taejo Wang Gun, Gwangjong, and Seongjong. King Taejo accpted the powerful family and kept them in check. and accepted the various people. Gwang-jong the Slave Review Law was enforced to free slaves illegally owned by the local gentry. With this, Goryeo reorganized its state system and created a new political order. He accepted Choi Seung-ro's article 28 and insisted on running the country based on Confucian ideology, encouraged filial piety, and the development of a new dynasty for politics, society and culture.

Through this activity, we were able to understand the wisdom of Goryeo's diplomacy and domestic policies. The unification of the later three kingdoms during the Goryeo Dynasty gave much thought to the unification of the two Koreas. Unification requires understanding rather than discrimination and indifference. Taejo's policy of integration with the powerful family members gave us something to think about. We need to take a closer look at these internal policies of Goryeo. Our country is the only divided country in the whole world. For the sake of the well-being of our people and world peace, I hope the unification will be achieved as soon as possible.