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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 8

Topic: Agriculture/Fishing Industries and Traditional Markets

The subject of our group is to look into the agriculture and traditional markets of Ganghwa. To make a presentation, we divided our roles and examined the traditional market of Ganghwado and the festival related to Ganghwado's specialty products.Among them, me and my partner's role was to investigate the pungmul market, the traditional market of Ganghwado Island. We investigated the history of the Ganghwa Pungmul Market and why the Ganghwa Pungmul Market was special and the origin of the Ganghwa Pungmul Market. It was interesting to find out about the wind market. Especially, the historical background of the Pungmul market and various festivals held in Ganghwa are most memorable. I live in Ganghwa but I have never been to various festivals held in Ganghwa. So I want to visit the Ginseng Festival and the Shrimp Festival Because I want to see the stage and eat ginseng.

Also we also divided our roles into make PPT and script write for the final day of the presentation. Among them, my job was to make a script. It was difficult to make a script in English. But I made it easy because I made it with my friends and teacher. I hope we can finish the play without making any mistakes and get good results with the script we're written. Also, because of this global camp, I became very interested in English conversation and I hope to study English conversation hard and later show off fluent English conversation. As it is the second global camp, I think I have less distance from English than before. Also, I am very grateful to Sally for teaching us our group.

2018 Summer Personal Essay

Topic: Management in Goryeo Dynasty, The stage of the Gaeseong merchant – Byeongnando

The motive for participating in the global camp was to communicate with foreign teachers in English only, improve my English conversation skills, and make good memories with foreign teachers. However, it was difficult for me to communicate only in English, but it became better as I kept trying to use it only. Actually i was motivated by this topic as I’m interested in management and it is related to my future career as well.

In the celebration of 1100th anniversary of Goryeo, I participated in school club activity, I researched about the exports in Byeongnando, the trade port of Goryeo, also i learned about Byeongnando in during school class. During the camp, we learned how to use WIKI; we will present our topic through PPT and play, after researching about management in Goryeo Dynasty. So I was in charge of researching data, translating it and participating in the play. Although it was very difficult to do such things, but I expect that I will be confidence in English conversation. In addition, i learned how to use and make a Wiki, it was easier than I thought and contains a lot of information which will be beneficial when I study data in the future. Actually my dream is to be an hotelier, and since it requires excellent English skills, and to be fluent in English conversation is more important than anything else, I hope it will be easier for me to talk in English after the camp