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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 4

My First Global Camp

I participated in this global camp for the first time. However, the Global Camp is the last camp in the second grade. I was very happy to participate in the camp with a good assessment of the camp by my friends around me. It's my first global camp, but I'm the team leader. I was worried if I could do well on the three-day-long schedule, but I started the camp believing that it would be OK with the team. I chose 'Society and Culture of Ganghwa' as the subject of the global camp. Ganghwa, named this year's tourism city in 2018, has developed rapidly in a short period of time. Watching Ganghwa's unexpected changes in appearance, I wanted to learn more about what society and culture in Ganghwa's history were like. That's why I chose the theme 'Society and Culture of Ganghwa'.

Ganghwa is the place where various cultures converge

Ganghwa has many special products and history, and has held various festivals such as the Saewookjut Festival. So I searched for events held in Ganghwa with my team to let visitors know about the culture of Ganghwa. Despite living in Ganghwa, I was surprised to see many performances that I didn't know about. Please refer to the team document for details. ;) There is a reason why I wrote small title like that. Ganghwa is a great place. Ganghwa is the fourth largest island in South Korea.(Because of the reclamation project, the land became larger. So what?) Due to the natural environment of Ganghwa, Ganghwa has various cultures. If you take a closer look at Ganghwa, there are many cultural assets that have been created over many years. The Dolmen, Gapsotdondae, and Anglican Church of Korea of Ganghwa show the history of Korea. I am proud of Ganghwa even though it is far from Seoul.

Happy Global Camp YEAH

It was true that I felt burdened by Participating the first global camp and being the leader. However, Talking with ANAND teacher about the culture and society of Ganghwa to announce, Teacher helped us a lot in our team essay by telling us about Ganghwa's shaman what is the interesting and wonderful topic. It was a good activity to find out that the Ganghwa-related figure, the Dangun Wanggeom, was the beginning of the shaman. It was the first time in my life that I could communicate with my teacher in English. I would like to say thank you to Anand teacher for helping me overcome this problem of English. If I get a chance someday, I hope to talk about women's rights in detail with ANAND teacher. I was very grateful and proud for being the leader because all of the team members were able to perform their roles safely for three days. I am very grateful to them. Our team prepared the presentation in a news format. Anchors explained the festival of Ganghwa, and reporters went to the festival site to deliver vivid information or to meet with a seller of special products. Now I think it was the best choice. I thought that applying the news format to the presentation was very practical for the presentation that required a short time. The slogan "Happy Global Camp YEAH!" which we shouted at the beginning and the end of our presentation, will probably remain in memory forever. It was literally a happy global camp. Let's say one more time. "Happy Global Camp Yeah!"