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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 1

The reason why I participated in the global camp is that there are few opportunities to explore history with native English teachers. Through this camp, I thought it was a great opportunity to develop confidence in speaking English. For the past year since entering Ganghwa Girls' High School, I knew that Ganghwado was a historically important area and I felt that Ganghwado was especially close to Goryeo history when I did 1,100 anniversary event.

The reason why I picked the theme of transfer of the capital in the comprehensive theme of Ganghwa and Goryeo is because Ganghwado is the reason why Ganghwado is deeply connected with Goryeo. Thanks to it, Ganghwado has become very important in our history. In addition, I had never thought deeply about why Ganghwado was chosen as the capital, the problem of Goryeo when it was selected as the capital and what had changed on the Korean Peninsula since it was selected as the capital.

Before attending the camp, the reason why Goryeo choose Ganghwado Island was simply because Mongolia wasn't to fighting in the water. However, during the camp, it was found that there were different reasons why Goryeo chose Ganghwa as its capital. Ganghwado Island was large enough to include a large number of people in the capital, and the Mongolian army was not easily approached ganghwado because the tide of ganghwado was fast. also there is very close to the previous capital, Gaegyeong. In addition to these advantages, we also looked for about the shortcomings. transfer of the capital was difficult during the rainy season, and the government had to collect more taxes, large numbers of manpower had to be invested in the reclamation project and the construction of the fortress.

I played the role of writing scripts in the team. In order to write the script, it was necessary to read, organize after reading the data from the team. Then, I had to be reviewed by my teacher and corrected my mistakes and re-explained what the teacher did not understand. What I felt while writing the script was that there was not much difference in meaning between words in Korea, but I found that there was a huge difference in meaning and feeling between words in English.