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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 8

I have been thinking a lot about improving my English skills over the past year, and I realized that English is difficult. I realized that and wondered how to change my mind. When I heard many people who gradually got used to English abroad, I thought that I should experience it myself. Therefore, I participated in a global camp where I can meet native speakers in person and talk about various things on the same topic. The topic I have chosen is 'Agraculture/Fishing Industries and Traditional Marketsdlek'. It was a topic that was more interesting because I grew up in Ganghwa and my grandparents were farming themselves. And I thought that fishing and agriculture were the subject that can looking at the lives of everyone who lived from the past to the present day of Ganghwa, and I thought that there was no topic that could feel the life and vitality of the working class as much as the traditional market. Within the team I surveyed the mudflats on Ganghwado Island. The teacher told us to introduce our investigation to another foreigner so they would like to come here. So, I looked at the contents that people who did not know anything about Ganghwado Island can have fun and experience. I want people to come to the mudflats to see and experience various creatures and to know the great power and the importance of nature. Now people are just closing their eyes and closing their ears to the problems they face. Nothing can be solved by doing so. If we don't, no one will. We must be the main body to face the problem, reflect on it, and try to solve it. Let's hope people will change their lives by experiencing and consuming a variety of nature.