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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 10

Following last summer, he will also participate in the Global Issues Forum camp this winter. As I saw and learned a lot from summer camp, I thought that I should participate again. The topic I chose is the celebrity of Ganghwad. I chose this topic because I think I can learn more about Ganghwwa, the region where I live through this topic. Before the camp, I knew about the ruins and the celebrities of Ganghwwa very fragmentary. I have some basic knowledge, but when I encounter a foreigner on the side of the road, I can't explain it to them. During the camp, our group investigated Ganghwawa, the two of you who fought to protect our country, General Eo Jae-yeon and General Yang Heon-soo, and investigated the sites they fought on, Gwangseongbo and Jeongjoksan Fortress. It also investigated Lee Gyu-bo, a Korean writer from the Goryeo Dynasty. It was hard to look at all their achievements in a short three-day period, but I did my best to research, organize and produce presentation materials. I was the assistant manager of our team. A framework was created for WIki to organize it in a more pleasing manner and the overall survey data was reviewed. As a co-captain, if there were any difficulties for the children, I rushed to help them. Through this camp, I was able to be more proud of my hometown, Ganghwwa. It was also meaningful to be able to serve as an informant to people by exploring various people and sites related to my dream, reporter.

2018 Summer Personal Essay

The name ' Global ' camp has become special to me as globalization is rapidly developing and being valued. Because I usually don't have many chances to communicate directly with people of various nationalities, I thought I should participate this camp. Because my dream is to be a reporter, it is important to look at the international community and the domestic one. Through this global camp, I think I was able to gain insight into the world beyond the internal situations of Korea.


The theme of our group was the inter-Korean reunification plan based on the various diplomacy and internal policies of Goryeo. The South-North Korean summit was held on April 27 at Panmunjeom. The meeting, which will long be remembered in the nation's history, served as a demonstration that the reunification of the two Koreas was not a distant future. As I am one of the people of South Korea who will face various situations that will happen if reunification is done right away, I think I should be able to think about various issues and come up with countermeasures in the process of reunification. Goryeo chose to maximize the benefits of reunification and minimize damages by preparing practical policies both at the interior of a country and abroad. Because we have to consider either side(South and North Korea) of the situation, I wanted to apply Goryeo, which has completed stable reunification, to our country to look at unification methods.

The unification of the later three kingdoms, which were internally centered on public security measures to reassure the existing powers, was to select multiple diplomacy as a way to unify the three countries that had lived in different ways. The process of studying and exploring various policies operated by each king of Goryeo in preparation for the presentation gave a closer insight into the efforts of unification. Instead of a biased politics, Goryeo had a balanced system of using carrots and sticks. The significance of Later Three Kingdoms ' reunification is that first, the people of Balhae were absorbed and accomplished real national unity. Second, there was a change in the ruling class, which divided the opportunities among local authorities. Third, I completed Korean culture through the fusion of various cultures. Looking at these implications, the unification of Korea is fully acceptable. However, the difference between past and present certainly exists, so it seems important to have control over what should be added and minus in the context of Goryeo

History is said to be a constant dialogue between the present and the past. Through this expedition, it was possible to think about the ideal way to unify the two Koreas, reflecting the unification of Goryeo, a part of history. The reunification of the two Koreas is not a trivial issue, so it can be accepted as having little to do with young students. However, I believe that students are a class that makes up the Republic of Korea and should participate in unification on their own.

The unification of South and North Korea is a major change not only in our country but also in the entire international community. This is not something that can be achieved in a short time. Now that Korea faces a new phase of reunification, efforts to communicate and coordinate with the two countries are critical. Hopefully, Korea will also achieve unification that can be used as a model of history after seeing the image of Goryeo.