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영문 해설문

현장 안내판 해설문 내용 - 영문

Herbal Medicine Shop, Former Named Choonhwadang

Designated by No. 24 of Mokpo Cultural Heritage
Located in 35-6, 59th-gil, Youngsan-ro, Mokpo

This house is a modernized Korean-style house, built on a street corner to be connected from Mokpo open port to a center of Joseon people's village. Its construction year was 1929, and Choi, Seop was a former owner. He acted as a doctor in Mokpo after graduating from Severance Medical College in the period of Japanese occupation, and served as a director of French Memorial Hospital. Besides, he served as a principal of Jeongmyeong Girl School after the Restoration of Independence and as a Mayor of Mokpo city during the U.S Military Government in Korea as well. This building well holds the structure of modernized Korean-style house, and also is a remarkable property at an aspect of architecture and life history. It shows a characteristic of modernized Korean-style house like corridor-access-typed veranda(Korean named Toenmaru), glass cabinet under eaves, and so on. This was used to a hospital named Jejoong in 1950s, and then used to a hospital for internal diseases named Jo. In 1980s, this building was used to a herbal medical shop named Choorhwadang. This is because Mokpo citizens remember and call the house as Choonhwadang. Recently the house has been used as an accommodation for visitors to Mokpo.

문화재청 국가문화유산포털 해설문 - 영문

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국문 해설문

현장 안내판 해설문 내용 - 국문

구 춘화당 한약방

지정별 목포시문화유산 제24호
소재지 목포시 영산로59번길 35-6

목포개항장에서 조선인 마을의 중심지로 연결되는 길목에 조성된 근대 한옥이다. 건립 년대는 1929년이며, 이전 소유자는 '최섭' 이었다. 최섭은 일제강점기에 세브란스의전을 졸업한 후 목포에서 의사로 활동하며, 부란취병원 원장을 지낸 인물이다. 광복 후에는 정명여학교 교장과 미군정기 목포시장을 역임하였다. 이 건물은 근대 한옥의 구조를 그대로 유지하고 있어 건축사 및 생활사 자료로 주목되는 유적이다. 복도형 툇마루, 처마밑 유리 장식창 등이 특징이다. 1950년대 제중병원으로 사용하였고, 이후 조내과를 거쳐 1980년대 '춘화당' 한약방 건물로 사용하여 목포사람에게는 '춘화당'으로 기억되고 있다. 최근에는 목포방문객을 위한 숙박시설로 활용하고 있다.

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