(Translation) 2019 矛盾

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Original Script

楚人有鬻楯與矛者,譽之曰吾楯之堅,莫能陷也。又譽其矛曰吾矛之利,於物無不陷也。或曰以子之矛陷子之楯,何如? 其人弗能應也。夫不可陷之楯與無不陷之矛,不可同世而立。 《韓非.難一》


Student Translation : Emma

In the state of Chu there was a man selling shields and spears. Praising the shield he said, "My shield's sturdiness, there is nothing that can break it." Also, he praised his spear saying, "As for the sharpness of my spear there is nothing that it will not break." Someone said, "With your spear damage your shield. What would it be like?" The man could not answer it. Now, the shield that can not be damaged and the spear that can damage everything can not share one world and stand together.

  • Discussion Questions:

(YO) Any thoughts on how to translate 夫 as the sentential particle?

(CA) 夫 is often used as it introduces an opinion you maybe can stress it in the beginng of a sentences like Emma already did with "Now," or maybe "So,"/"Well," would also function good.