(Translation) 1354年 尹光琠別給文記

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Original Script

Classical Chinese English

至正拾肆年甲午捌月拾壹日 成文許与爲臥乎事叱段 子丹鶴亦女子息參內唯一繼姓犻子是乎等乙用良 妻父朴氏 过以傳來婢吾火伊矣所生婢▣▣(大阿)只身乙 奉祀條以許給爲去乎在 亦後所生▣▣▣(並以子)孫傳持鎭▣(長)爲乎矣 他余子息等亦爭望起云爲行去▣▣(乙等) ▣(此)文字內事意▣(乙)用▣(良)內外官司辨別爲乎事是亦在

(translation) The 14th year of Zhizheng[1354], The year of Gabo, eight month, eleventh day

As this pertains to make a document for permitting and giving[special inheritance].

Since [my]Son Danhak is the only son who legitimately succeeds the family name among my three children, my father-in-law has granted the female slave Daeagi who is the child of the female slave Ohwayi for the purpose of performing the ancestral rites.

Therefore [you should] inherit these slaves and their descendants as well. If any of my offspring should cause any dispute, report the matter to the government both within and without and discern it in accord with the full intents of this document.

  • 이두(吏讀)

1. 爲臥乎事段(하는 일인 즉)

2. 亦(~이, ~가):nominative particle

3. 是乎等乙用良(~이온 줄로써)

4. 乙(~을, ~를)

5. 爲去乎在(~한 것이요)

6. 爲乎矣(하오되)

7. 爲乎事是亦在(~하온 일이라는)

財主出父直長同正尹 [着名: 珖琠][署押]

訂保奉善大夫神號衛保乘護軍尹 [着名: 東眞][署押]

筆執前伍尉金 [着名: 承嗣][署押]


Owner: Father, the chief of the office, Yoon [Signature: Gwangjeon] [Signature]

Witness: the minister of elevating goodness, the defense of divine tiger, commander, Yoon[Signature: Dongjin][Signature]

Scribe: Former colonel, Kim[Signature: Seungsa][Signature] )