(2017Translation) 庖丁解牛

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Original Script


文惠君曰:「嘻,善哉!技蓋至此乎?」 庖丁釋刀對曰:「臣之所好者,道也,進乎技矣。始臣之解牛之時,所見無非全牛者;三年之後,未嘗見全牛也。方今之時,臣以神遇而不以目視,官知止而神欲行。依乎天理,批大郤,導大窾,因其固然。技經肯綮之未嘗,而況大軱乎! 良庖歲更刀,割也;族庖月更刀,折也。今臣之刀十九年矣,所解數千牛矣,而刀刃若新發於硎。彼節者有閒,而刀刃者無厚,以無厚入有閒,恢恢乎其於遊刃必有餘地矣,是以十九年而刀刃若新發於硎。雖然,每至於族,吾見其難為,怵然為戒,視為止,行為遲;動刀甚微,謋然已解,如土委地。提刀而立,為之四顧,為之躊躇滿志,善刀而藏之。」

文惠君曰:「善哉!吾聞庖丁之言,得養生焉。」 《莊子.養生主》


Student 7 : (Alexandre Le Marchand)


Cook Ding cuts cows for the prince Wenhui. He stabs it with his hands, leaning against it with his shoulders, steps on it with his feet and contacts it by his knees. It produces sound while he faced it and cut continually with his knife. The sound not far from the center was like the dance of the mulberry forest and reaches the center.

Student 8 : (Write your name)


Prince Wenhui said :


“Ah! Incredible! Your art should have become so perfect!”


Cook Ding laid down his knife and reply:


"What I love is the Way, something in advance of any art.


When I began to cut the ox, I saw nothing but just the carcass.


After three years I ceased to see it as a whole.


Now, I practice with a spiritual manner, and don’t look at it with my eyes. The use of my senses is stopped, and my spirituality as it wills.

Student 9 : HeeJin Lee

依乎天理,批大郤,導大窾,因其固然。技經肯綮之未嘗,而況大軱乎! 良庖歲更刀,割也;族庖月更刀,折也。

"Relying on the heavenly principles, [I] scrape the great crevice, [which] leads [to] the great cavity, resulting [in] its origin. [My] skills govern the enjoyment [of] tendons lacking in taste, and even more so the great bone!"

A decent cook changes [his] knife [in a] year, [then he] cuts. An ordinary cook changes [his] knife month[ly], [then he] breaks.

Student 10 : Jelena Gledić


Today this knife of mine, after nineteen years, has all-in-all cut several thousands of cows, and the knife’s blade is like freshly off the whetstone. That which is attached has space [in between], and the knife’s blade has no thickness. [When that which] has no thickness enters [that which] has space, what vastness! To move the blade within it, there must be room. Therefore, [it has been] nineteen years and the knife’s blade is like freshly off the whetstone.

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Student 12 : (Write your name)


The Prince Wenhui said “Great! After hearing Pao Ding’s saying, I can realize the way of nourishing the life!”