(2017Translation) 婁伯捕虎

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Original Script

翰林學士崔婁伯。水原戶長尙翥之子。年十五時。父因獵爲虎所害。婁伯欲補 虎。母止之。婁伯曰。父讐可不報乎。卽荷斧跡虎。虎旣食飽臥。婁伯直前叱虎 曰。汝食吾父。吾當食汝。虎乃掉尾俛伏。遽斫而刳其腹。取父骸肉。安於器。 納虎肉於瓮。埋川中。葬父弘法山西廬墓。一日假寐。其父來詠詩云。披榛到孝 子廬。情多感淚無窮。負土日加上。知音明月淸風。生則養死則守。誰謂孝無始 終。詠訖遂不見。服闋。取虎肉盡食之。



Student 9 : HeeJin Lee


[As for] Ch'oe Nu-baek, a scholar of the Hanlim academy [,] [he] was the son of Sang-chŏ [,] the township head [of] Suwŏn. When [he] was fifteen yearsold [,] [his] father was harmed by a tiger because [he went] hunting.

Student 10 : Jelena Gledić


Nubaek wanted to capture the tiger. [His] mother [tried to] stop him. Nubaek said: “[He is] my father’s adversary, how can I not counteract?” Thereafter he put an ax on his shoulder and tracked [down] the tiger. The tiger had already eaten and was lying down with a full stomach.

Student 11 : (Write your name)

婁伯直前叱虎 曰。汝食吾父。吾當食汝。虎乃掉尾俛伏。遽斫而刳其腹。

Student 12 : (Write your name)

取父骸肉。安於器。 納虎肉於瓮。埋川中。葬父弘法山西廬墓。

He took out his father’s bones and flesh and placed them in a vessel. He put the tiger meats into a jar and buried it in the middle of a stream. He had a funeral of his father in the westside of Mount Hongpŏb and guarded the grave.

Student 13 : Ra Yeonjae


One day, in the half of his sleeping, his father came and intoned the poem: "To divide and pushing through the thicket, reached filial son. Emotions is felt greatly and tears undone. Carrying the dirt and put it on top of the tomb.

Student 1 : Sanghoon Na


Those who truly know me are a bright moon and a clean wind. When [I was] alive, he nourished me; when dead he guards me. Who said that filial piety does not have beginning and end?

Finishing intoning [the poem], subsequently he was not seen. After the mourning period, he took the tiger meat and ate it all.

Student 2 : Younès M'Ghari



Father Ch’oe, in the mountain, rabbits, foxes, was he hunting; but yet now, a tiger, his muscles, his flesh, were found feeding

If by then, the filial piety of the son, there was not; who would have, with a brandished axe, the tiger's head, been hacking?

Student 3 : Petra Sváková


Catching the tiger and taking revenge on it may be the most pitiful1 [thing]. In the west of the mountain, he was also mourning [for] three years. The short verses came to be recited [and it] was really not a dream. In deed, it is [that] the sorrow is sincere and it penetrates the Nine Springs2.

1 This can also be understood as 'the most admirable [thing]'.

2 Nine Springs mean the 'underworld'.