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敎 兼忠淸全羅慶尙等三道水軍統制使 李舜臣書 Decree to instruct the Joint Region Naval Commander of Three Provinces of Ch’ungchŏng, Chŏlla and Gyeongsang, Yi Sunshin

王若曰 嗚呼 國家之所倚以爲保障者 惟在於舟師 The King thus says: Alas, what the state relies as the guarantee of security is solely on the naval forces.

而天未悔禍 兇鋒再熾 遂使三道大軍 盡於一戰之下 However, the heaven had not repeal the calamity, yet vicious blades [of the war] again started to burn, and exhausted the armies of three provinces under one battle.

此後近海城邑 誰復屛蔽 而閑山已失 賊何所憚 燒眉之急 迫於朝夕 After this, for cities and towns near the ocean, who would protect and shield them? Moreover, with the loss of the Hansan Island, what would the bandits be fear of? The exigency of saving the burning eyebrows1 (the crisis of the warfare) is urgent day and night.

目下之策 惟當召聚散亡 收合船艦 急據要害去處 儼然作一大營 The present strategy is only to recruit and gather dispersed people, take back and collect warships, and to rapidly occupy critical [military] locations, to orderly build up a military camp.

則流逋之衆 知有所歸 方張之賊 亦庶幾乎式遏 Therefore, scattered and dispersed masses would know where to return, and the bandits with expanding power maybe would also be put to an end.2

而膺是責者 非有威惠智幹素見服於內外 則曷能勝斯任哉 Yet for the one who takes this responsibility, if he does not have prestige, kindness, wisdom and tactical strategies so as to be commonly obeyed in and out, then how can he be competent for this position?

惟卿聲名早著於超授閫寄之日 功業再振於壬辰大捷之後 邊上軍情 恃爲長城之固 Only you, my minister, your reputation and fame has early become prominent since the day when you were promoted and appointed with significant military tasks, and your accomplishment became more eminent after the victory of the Imjin War. The military situation on the frontier was as reliable as the solid Great Wall.

而頃者遆卿之職 俾從戴罪之律者 亦出於人謀不臧而致今日敗衂之辱也 尙何言哉 尙何言哉 However, recently you were removed from your position for being companion with people under crime, which was due to the evil scheme of people, and that lead to the humiliation of today’s failure. What can I say? What can I say?

今特起卿于墨衰 拔卿于白衣 授以兼忠淸全羅慶尙等三道水軍統制使 Now I especially summon you with your black mourning clothes, rise you up from punished officials3, and appoint you with the position of the Joint Region Naval Commander of Three Provinces of Ch’ungchŏng, Chŏlla and Gyeongsang.

卿於至之日 先行招撫 搜訪流散 團作海營 進扼形勢 使軍聲一振 On the day you arrive, you should first recruit and console [people], search and visit the dispersed, and unite and build up a naval force, so as to occupy and took control of critical positions and to revival our military reputation.

則已散之民心 可以復安 而賊亦聞我有備 不敢再肆猖獗 Therefore, the minds of people that are dispersed will once again be soothed, and the bandits would also hear about our preparation, so they dare not be wanton anymore.

卿其勖之哉 水使以下並節制之 其有臨機失律者一以軍法斷之 You must devote yourself to this. From the Navy Commanders and below, you should strictly control them. If there is anyone who goes against the discipline when facing critical moment, you should sentence him according to the military law.

若卿殉國忘身 相機進退 在於已試之能 予曷敢多誥 As to your devotion to the state regardless of your own life, and your ability to judge when to advance or to retreat according to the situation, these are the qualities that were already proved. How dare I say anything to teach you.

於戲 陸抗再鎭河上 克盡制置之道 王遜出自罪籍 能成掃蕩之功 Alas, when Lu Kang guarded the upstream of the river for the second time, he could completely carry out the way of management. Wang Xun came from the criminal register, yet could achieve the accomplishment of pacification.

益堅忠義之心 庶副求濟之望 故玆敎示 想宜知悉 You should further reinforce the heart of loyalty, and fulfill my hope of providing salvation. Thereupon, I show you this instruction, and hope you can learn it well. 萬曆二十五年七月二十三日 (September, 4th, 1597)

1. 《文獻通考‧市糴二》:『〈元祐〉初,〈溫公〉入相,諸賢並進用,革新法之病民者,如救眉燃,青苗、助役其尤也。』 2. 式遏: 《詩‧大雅‧民勞》:『式遏寇虐,無俾民憂。』〈鄭玄〉箋:『式,用;遏,止也。』後以『式遏』為:遏制;制止。《三國志‧魏志‧高貴鄉公髦傳》:『臣等備位,不能匡救禍亂,式遏姦逆,奉令震悚,肝心悼慄。』《梁書‧王茂傳》:『〈茂〉以不能式遏姦盜,自表解職,優詔不許。』 3. 白衣 refers to officials who are punished. See《晉書‧蔡謨傳》:『冬蒸,〈謨〉領祠部,主者忘設〈明帝〉位,與太常〈張采〉俱免,白衣領職。』 《陳書‧陳擬傳》:『〈世祖〉嗣位,除〈丹陽〉尹,常侍如故。坐事,又以白衣知郡,尋復本職。』 《新唐書‧封常清傳》:『敗書聞,帝削〈常清〉官,使白衣隸〈仙芝〉軍效力。』

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