Ontology Reference: 인물-장소 (CHGIS)

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Harvard University, The China Historical Geographic Information System

Ontology Name Property Code Description Chinese Note
CHGIS 1 Basic Affiliation 籍貫(基本地址) This field is different from the other fields. It assigns a person to a single place for indexing purposes. This field requires judgment based on information in the other fields. There should only be one entry.
CHGIS 2 Moved to 遷住地 multiple entries possible
CHGIS 3 Former Address 前住地 This field is used for the address which people left when they migrated to another place. It is only used for the person or generation that migrates. It may be different from Ancestral Address祖籍.
CHGIS 4 Last Known Address 最後所知地 leave data as is
CHGIS 5 Ancestral Address 祖籍 Generally only one entry
CHGIS 6 Actual Residence 落籍(實際居住地) Generally only one entry
CHGIS 7 Household Registration Address 本貫 This is a formal legal designation (e.g. as on 1148 jinshi list)
CHGIS 8 Birth Address 出生地 only one entry
CHGIS 9 Burial Address 葬地 multiple entries possible (e.g. reburial elsewhere)
CHGIS 10 Death Address 死所
CHGIS 11 Migration Route of Branch 本族支裔遷徙路線
CHGIS 12 visited or went to 遊歷或曾經到過 This is meant as a purposeful journey of some kind or a stopping off at a place, more than merely passing through en route to somewhere else.
CHGIS 13 Eight Banner Qing Dynasty 八旗清代
CHGIS 14 alternate basic affiliation 另一籍貫(基本地址)
CHGIS 15 place of refuge 避兵之地 also 避亂. used when the place of refuge is given
CHGIS CHGIS 16 Household address 戶籍地 For Ming households
CHGIS 17 Place of exile 流放之地