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"Neverland" (Reprise) – J. M. Barrie, Sylvia, Mrs. du Maurier, Boys and the Acting Troupe


Broadway musical 2015 Finding Neverland the Musical - Neverland (Reprise) Lyrics

FROHMAM Act One, Scene One... A nursery!

PETER It's the Darling House. And look, see? Preparing the beds is Nana, the family dog, because the Darlings couldn't afford a real nanny. But it didn't matter, because they were happy and didn't care.

SYLVIA Oh, Peter.

"MICHAEL" I won't go to bed! I won't! I won't!

MICHAEL That's what I say!

"NANA" barks

"MICHAEL" Nana, it isn't six o'clock yet!

"NANA" barks

"MICHAEL" Alright, I'm going to bed, I'm going to bed.

"PETER" crows

PETER And then, the most amazing boy flies in through the window!

SYLVIA Goodness, a boy who flies!

"PETER" weeps

"WENDY" Why are you crying?

"PETER" I wasn't crying. But I can't get my shadow to stick on.

"WENDY" It has come off! how awful! You've been trying to stick it on with soap!

"PETER" Well then?

"WENDY" It must be sewn on.

BARRIE And so Wendy sews on Peter's shadow...

PETER ...and Peter is so happy he dances with it around the room!

"PETER" Wendy, one girl is worth more than twenty boys.

"WENDY" I shall give you a kiss, Peter, If you like.

"PETER" Thank you.

"WENDY" Don't you know what a kiss is?

"PETER" I shall know one when you give it to me.

"BARRIE" And so not to hurt his feelings, Wendy gives Peter a thimble for his finger.

"PETER" Now shall I give you a kiss?

"WENDY" If you please.

PETER And in return, Peter gives Wendy an acorn.

"WENDY" Thank you, Peter. I shall wear it on a chain around my neck.

MICHAEL That's not a kiss, even I know that!

JACK That's the point! It's clever!

PETER And then, this is my favorite bit. Peter shows Wendy how to fly!

BARRIE We can sail away tonight On a sea of pure moonlight We can navigate the stars To bring us back home In a place so far away

BOYS We are young That's how we'll stay.

SYLVIA And with your hand in my hand

BARRIE & SYLVIA We will find ourselves In Never Neverland

"HOOK" Ahhhh!

JACK Pirates!

PETER That's Captain James-Hook. He's the most dastardly rouge that ever lived.

FROHMAN Oh. I love this guy! He's such a good for nothing scoundrel!

"HOOK" Peter flung my arm to a crocodile! And he liked it so much, he's followed me ever since, from land to land and sea to sea, Licking his lips for the rest of me. Oy, It's the crocodile!

GEORGE Indians! Like the characters we invited in the park!

BOYS While we were make-believing Mr. Barrie was writing all the while

MRS. DU MAURIER Yes, a lot of this seems rather familiar...

GEORGE Yes look, there are pirates

JACK And indians!

GEORGE And fairies!

JACK Even a crocodile!

MRS. DU MAURIER I hope I'm not the crocodile!

MICHAEL I hear the mermaids Such a beautiful sound


PETER Just a little faith and Both your feet leave the ground

MRS. DU MAURIER We can sail away tonight On a sea of pure moonlight We can navigate the stars To bring us back home

In a place so far away We'll be young That's how we'll stay

Every wish is a command In this special place Here in Neverland

MICHAEL Oh no, Tinker Bell!

MRS. DU MAURIER What is she saying, Peter?

PETER She drank his medicine because it was poisoned.

SYLVIA She drank it to save his life?

MICHAEL Is… is Tink dying?

GEORGE Look. Her light is growing faint. If it goes out, that means she's dead.

PETER She says she thinks she can get well again, if children believe in fairies.

BARRIE And do you? Do you believe in fairies?

PETER If you believe, clap your hands!

MRS. DU MAURIER I believe! Come along, children!

BARRIE Everyone! Clap louder!!

BARRIE That is Neverland.

Picture a land That you never have seen Where life is eternal and evergreen A future of happiness all in your hands All in this place of your dreams Here inside Neverland

SYLVIA Shooting stars New shapes and sizes Wakenings and new surprises Opening my eyes to something happening

BARRIE Neverland

SYLVIA Universe of constant spinning Every end and new beginning I begin to feel that something's happening to me.

ENSEMBLE Ah, ah, ah, ah Ah, ah, ah, ah

You just close your eyes And count to ten Breath in twice And open them

You know where to go You have been there before In your heart...

PETER And by closing my eyes I'll be finding Neverland

[Thanks to Cierra for lyrics]