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2018 Global Forum Camp Essay Writing

A comparison of Goryeo's education and current education

It is my first global camp so I expected a lot. I felt confident about English conversation because I usually have conversation time in English with my family. Meanwhile, having a discussion, presentation and talking about career with native English teachers has come to me as an expectation and excitement. So I joined this global camp.

I listened to the introduction of native English teachers and took Humanities lecture of professor Kim at first. I thought it would be not special because It was a Humanities lecture, but I felt special when I started using the humanities wiki based on digital information. I had a first learning with the digital media ‘wiki’ today, And it was meaningful to learn and understand that if I learn the coding correctly, I can type it or post information on wiki. It was also new that all the researches and presentations that we will make for these three days will be uploaded on the wiki. If our research posted on such a website, I would not forget the research and activities that I did in this global camp because I could easily find them on the net.

Then me and some other students got together as a team 7 and took time to work with a particular topic. We set up a group of people who are interested in education and as it marks the 1100th anniversary of the foundation of Goryeo, we wanted to select a topic related to education and Goryeo. So I thought I wanted to find out some common points and difference between today’s education and Goryeo’s education. And also I wondered about if there is any information criticizing Goryeo’s education system. So we selected education our topic to work with.

After choosing a topic, we assigned our own roles. I think I had about 4 roles.

First, I translated the introduction written in Korean. Although I used the dictionary for the unknown words and sentences, it was not easy to translate English using only my knowledge.

Second, I compared and analyzed common points and differences between the education of Goryeo and modern education. I went through some difficult steps because I did not have enough data for my research on common points and differences, but I thought I had enough background knowledge.

Third, I put all this findings together. Our team members did a research in a correct way, and they all did the hard work so I didn’t have difficulties. I think our teamwork is a highlight of this camp.

Fourth, as a team member, I was able to create an atmosphere of mutual cooperation which prevents conflicts and encourages to do the hard work. On the one hand it is the simplest thing to do, but on the other hand it seems the most difficult task in team’s activities. So I felt proud of myself because I thought I did well.

The research on education in Goryeo and modern education helped me a lot.

First, of course, it is the educational institution of Goryeo, There was Gukjagam, Hyanggyo and Munhun Gongdo as educational institutions in Goryeo. I have learned about the Gukjagam and Hyanggyo, but I have never heard of an educational institution called Munhun Gongdo. In short, it is said to be the same as the cram schools of the Goryeo Dynasty.

Second, what I found new was that even though Goryeo is more than 1,000 years behind, its educational system still has many similarities with the system we have now. For example, the higher education in Goryeo were divided into different subjects, and there was time to carry out each subject as they are now. Also, students could do things like early admission if they had enough ability or if their birthday is early.

According my and my teammates’ research I felt we are getting closer to our common career path called "education". Also, I thought that we could be better educators as we formed our direction about the environment of education and way to teach people. Although it exists in the past over 1000 years, there are many things in common between Goryeo's education policies and modern education policy, so I thought that the education of the Goryeo was also a good educational policies and educational institutions.

An old saying coming to mind says " All the old ones are not old and not all the bad ones are bad, and none of the old ones is wrong. " it served as a momentum for us to learn from old things.