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I have been attending the Global Ganghwa Forum camp for two days and doing my best as a leader of the education team. Our team's topic is ' Education Institution of Goryeo and Current Education Institution ', following this topic we wrote a report that compared and analyzed the similarities and differences between educational institutions in the two eras and drew conclusions.

As a team leader, I’m always smiling at my team members to create a comfortable mood of team to communicate smoothly, answering questions and giving instruction on activities with native teacher Kate. Also before our team has been writing the report, I set directions for the topic and shared the roles for the team members to proceed with the report.

When I started writing my report in earnest, I investigated the Gukjagam, the best national university institution among the Goryeo educational institutions. It was not difficult to analyze them and compare because they share all the similarities and differences with current university such as the composition of the school and the department. On the other hand, the difference is that while Gukjagam is divided only between Confucianism and technical departments, current universities can select and study various majors.

When I combined the sections that my team members had written and went over the report, I felt sorry that the team members showed less ability when writing reports on their fields. So I gave them feedback and made corrections. I felt very sorry for my poor orientation from the start and my lack of frequent feedback. So I also modified it for better quality, increased amount, and completed a report that was translated into English, combining the revisions of the team members.

When I saw the complete version, I was very proud. Now I am preparing for a presentation with my team. I still have a lot of things to do as a team leader, but I am very grateful to the team members who follow me well. Through this global forum camp, I have developed my leadership once more and had a lot of trials and errors, but I learned to work together as I took this challenge them. I was also very proud to post my team's work on Wiki page, and I was pleased to write about our history first and foremost. It was also a good experience because I could proceed with my difficult and awkward conversation ability through much communication with teacher Kate. It was the first and last global camp for me, so it was very sad and impressive.

Thank you for reading my essay~!