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2018 Global Forum Camp Essay Writing

I lived in Ganghwa Island for 18 years. Ganghwa is called a museum without a roof, but I have never felt it myself. However, this year, Ganghwa was the capital of Goryeo to mark the 1,100th anniversary of the founding of Goryeo, so my school did a lot of activities related to Goryeo. I also researched about Goryeo in the club festival, and I wrote a research paper related to Goryeo in the club. As I explored Goryeo, I wanted to know more and more. I just realized that a global issue forum will be held to mark the 1100th anniversary of the founding of the Goryeo. Also, I was interested in politics or diplomacy and English, so I got to participate in a global issue forum where I could experience all of them. The subject of our group is ‘The measures for Unified Korea on the basis of the concept and the internal policy in Goryeo Dynasty’. Currently, our country is the only divided country in the world. Therefore, unification between the two Koreas is always the main issue of our society. What should Republic of Korea do at this moment when the two Koreas take a different stance? We decided to seek answers from Goryeo. Through multiple diplomacy, Goryeo sought to gain benefits in the rapidly changing international situation. Also, due to the appropriate domestic policy, there was no loss of public sentiment. Of course, the current situation in Korea is very different. But I think there are clear lessons of Gortyeo's diplomatic policy and domestic policies for us. We will explore this topic and seek policies for a unified Korea.

Until I explored this subject, I did not know much about the Goryeo’s diplomatic policy. I just knew Seo-hee's diplomacy in negotiations, but I don’t know other policies. In addition, Wang Gun attempted to achieve national unity by implementing a policy of integration with the stability of popular feeling. These representative policies were known because they were popular and other policies were unknown. Through this expedition, I learned a lot about Goryeo’s diplomatic policy and domestic policies, one of the most memorable is its diplomacy with Song. In 986, Song requested the dispatch of troops to Goryeo, saying, " We need to find land taken from the Yo. " According to GoryeosaJeolyo, Goryeo’s hiostory book, King Sungjong deliberately evaded an answer, stalling for time. Through these policies, Goryeo sought territorial and cultural benefits.

I'm a team leader in this team and I've come up with a lot of ideas when choosing a topic. And I contributed to the development of our team by doing my role of examining and organizing data on the diplomacy of Goryeo. Our team had relatively many first-grade friends, which worried us about the awkward atmosphere. So, I made a lot of effort, including having an ice breaking time to work together and promote our team's collaboration.

Through this camp, I would like to have a deeper understanding of the politics and diplomacy of Goryeo. And I would like to enhance the status of our Goryeo Dynasty by explaining this to other friends. As there is a saying, " A nation that forgets its history has no future, " I would like to contribute to keeping the precious and great history of Goryeo from being forgotten. I also want to learn a lesson from the past policies of Goryeo that can wisely deal with the current situation facing the nation. People pay attention to the history of Joseon, but the history of Goryeo also has enough lessons to teach us today. I hope this camp will serve as an opportunity for the development of our country, remembering the glorious and great history of Goryeo. And there is a wish for people around the world to see our information and to be helped by putting what we've been exploring into the wiki. Moreover, we want to promote the status of Goryeo to the world through our exploration.