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My dream is to be a foreign affairs official. So I joined this global issue forum camp because it would be a great opportunity for me. At the camp, i was able to choose my field of interest. I have chosen the field of politics and diplomacy. Our team chose a method as the theme to elicit unification of the two Koreas based on the plural diplomacy of Goryeo and internal politics. King Taejo's Hunyosipjo , king Gwang-jong's Slave and Land Act , In the past system King Sungjong's acceptance of Confucianism, etc. I already knew a lot of Goryeo's internal politics because Most of the content of Goryeo's internal politics was contained in the textbooks. I was excited that this global camp will be able to learn more about Goryeo following its 1,100 year anniversary event.

We wrote in English a document to post on Wikipedia. We departmentalized the topics so that the group members divided their roles according to their future dreams. I have translated Kwang-jong's foreign policy as well as multidisciplinary foreign policy, but It is difficult for me to translate alone, so I borrowed some help from the an automatic translation machine.

My uncle is an American. but, because of language barrier, I could not have a long conversation with my uncle. So, my aunt used to deliver my words to my uncle instead of me. I have always had a hard time speaking English.When I meet a native speaker, I don't know what to say because It is difficult to communicate in English. However, through this global camp, i was able to solve many of these difficulties. Introducing myself in front of a native English teacher and having conversations in English, I was able to dispel my fears. While attending camp, I realized that grammar is not very important in speaking English. I have quite given up saying that I don't think my sentence is grammatical. Since I was learning grammar-oriented English in Korea, I felt pressure to speak the correct grammar when talking. However, as I talked with native English teachers during the camp, I realized that it was most important to deliver meaning, not exact grammar. One day, if i talk with courage even though i'm not good at it, I will become familiar with English as if it were my native language.