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This year the Global Issues Forum camp started to celebrate the 1100th anniversary of the founding of Goryeo. Every year in the camp, we explore the theme of Goryeo, but this year marks the 1100th anniversary of the foundation of Goryeo. So this is the special year. The same is the reason why I am participating in this camp. Ganghwado Island is also the place where the breath of history lives. Therefore, I felt that we should know more about the Goryeo Dynasty that is closely related to the Ganghwa Island we currently live in. Also, I think that it is not common for me to meet and talk with the native English teachers who are not usually easy to meet, and I got involved because I thought I could gain a lot of experience.

My topic in this camp is 'Goryeo medicine'. The reason why I chose this subject is because I am interested in medicine, because my dream is to be a nurse. I also thought that we should know history as well as medicine. Thus, besides the theme of 'Goryeo medicine', I chose to learn more about the medical history of the Goryeo Dynasty and the epidemic that was prevalent at that time.

Before exploring the subject, I surveyed the epidemic that was prevalent during the Goryeo Dynasty in my club 'healing'. While doing research on infectious diseases, I learned about the epidemic and the treatment that existed at that time. The epidemic in the Goryeo Dynasty was incurable at that time. But now it is a treatable illness.

Before studying the subject, I was not aware of the development of medicine in Goryeo. However, as I researched the history of medicine, I learned that medical science developed through various diplomatic activities during the Goryeo Dynasty and that medical institutions in central and provincial areas were efficiently established. The more surprising is that the Goryeo Dynasty developed medicine more than the Joseon Dynasty. Also, I could feel proud knowing that our country developed medical field as well as science technology. And in fact, I was not interested in history. But thanks to this opportunity, I could learn about the history of Goryeo. The most memorable story is about the medical service provider. 'Hangyakkugeupbang' Medical College is the oldest Medical book in Korea's literature. This book could help many people because the prescription was detailed, available to everyone, and used when there was no doctor in an emergency. It was the book that people could use to help to cure when they got hurt without a doctor. So it was the most memorable part.

My role was to set the subject before the camp and I suggested learning the history of Goryeo medicine. So I did a research on the history of medicine in the Goryeo Dynasty in this camp. We conducted an investigation into the biography of the Goryeo Dynasty. Based on the survey, it was translated into English and published in Wikimedia. Also, I translated the words that I did not know while doing research. I helped my friend with understanding how to leave a source in the process of posting it on Wikimedia. Lastly, I am helping to write a script with the ppt file. And I will make a presentation tomorrow!

Every year I participated in the Global Issues Forum camp, and I seem to know a lot of things. What worries me most about the camp is conversation. As a matter of fact, I worried a lot because I could not speak English very well. I could not talk to my teacher for a long time, but I was glad to be able to talk with her. Also, I felt something new unlike last winter vacation camp. During the camp, it was good because I could speak English even though I was not very good at it. Usually I thought it would be difficult to find the approach to English, But this incident made conversation fun and I felt confident. Although it was a short time of 2 nights and 3 days, it was a funny time. Through this camp, I realized my confidence in English and the history of Goryeo again. In addition, as I researched about Goryeo medicine, I could see wisdom of Koryoin's life. While there were some difficulties in global camp, it was also a time to enjoy the camping process. I want to participate next time.