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2018 Summer Personal Essay

The history of medicine in Korea & The Epidemic and the Cure of Goryeo Dynasty

We learned that a global issue forum camp was held to commemorate the 1,100 year of Goryeo. I was hesitating about whether to participate in this camp because the summer vacation is very short, but I applied again because the Global Issue Forum camp I experienced last year gave me a lot of experience.

In particular, I had many expectations because this year’s subject was about Goryeo. At first I thought there was no connection between me and Goryeo. My dream is to be a nurse and firstly I thought it would be difficult to work on the Goryeo topic since I am more into the science. But when I was applying, I was happy because there was a subject called related to medicine. The reason why I chose this subject is because my dream is to become a nurse and I was interested in medicine. By participating in this camp, I wanted to take a step closer to my dream and improve my English skills which I feel unconfident in. Previously, I had explored about the topics similar to this one. I was in the health club and I learnt about the infectious diseases and folk remedies during the Goryeo Dynasty to celebrate the 1100th anniversary of the Goryeo Dynasty. At that time, I was interested in the treatment and awareness of diseases that were different from what we have today. I wanted to explore this interesting topic more precisely and inform other friends.

We decided to explore the subject in a deeper way according to the history of medicine, the epidemic and the treatment that were prevalent in the Goryeo Dynasty. Looking for information, I thought there would be nothing, but it was good because there were a lot more data than I expected.

The medical history of Goryeo taught me that as external cultural exchange became active, so did the Goryeo's medical science. What we also learned from studying about the epidemic was that famine and war were the main causes of the outbreak during the Goryeo Dynasty. One thing in common is the treatment of the “misdiagnosis” of the Goryeo medical history, which was about the “Hyangsang Medical Service”. I have realized that the emergency service center compiled for the general public is the medical first aid book written for the ruling class, which was transported to Ganghwa Island, contrary to existing understanding. Even when it fled the war with Mongolia, the people realized that they had skin diseases such as spots and pimples and even smells related to armpits and bodies.

My role as a team member was to suggest sharing data through the Google documents, to research, organize, translate, and publish the presentation on Wikimedia. My role as a deputy leader was to firstly learn Wikimedia's system, inform other team members and organize Wikimedia well. At first I thought Wikimedia was difficult to create myself, but it got more fun and I felt proud when I told my team about my results. Professor Kim Hyeon-hyun's on the first day said during his lecture that data is the era of the fourth industrial revolution. At first, I accepted that it was so, but through Wikimedia I experienced the era of data myself. I was proud to be able to put information into Wikimedia about the topic I'm interested in. I used Wikimedia to find information, but the fact that I can participate in what I normally use made me happy. What I expect from this forum is that I can coordinate roles and shares well through cooperation between teams and to effectively coordinate activities, and to improve confidence in English and get to know about Goryeo medicine more. Our native teacher, Zarina, was kind enough to talk to. From this, I think I am solving the problem of improving my confidence in English which is one of my primary requirements. It would be great if our team did a good job in the remaining time and made a good presentation.

Happy Day