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Last year, when I was about to attend this camp, I felt sorry that I could not participate in it because I suddenly got sick. Also, I joined this camp because I can talk to a foreign teacher and want to do some English related activities. And I applied for better English pronunciation through conversation with foreign teacher because I am not good at speaking English.

The reason why I chose this subject is because my club prepared and announced about Korea folk remedies and medicine but I did not have enough time to explore it in detail, so I wanted to explore it further. Also, my dream is to be a nurse and I want to have a subject related to nursing, so I was looking into the subject, and I was wondering about the 1,100 year of Goryeo and the subject related to medicine. Then, I chose the subject of the Goryeo epidemic and medical history. On this subject, I knew during the Goryeo Dynasty that they used the burdock root when they had an abortion and ate chicken dung when they had a fever or a stomachache. But this is an outrageous fact. And I have known the fact that the medical system of the Goryeo Dynasty was inherited from Silla and had developed a system which imitated the Tang Dynasty.

What we learned from this activity is that medical institutions were placed in every county and prefecture and that we can use our pulse to determine the patient's condition or the extent of a disease. During the Goryeo Dynasty, it was surprising that there were medical institutions in the counties and prefectures . The reason is that I didn't know that medical technology had developed to that extent. Also, I did not know it was possible for the doctor in the drama to check the pulse of the patient and whether the patient was pregnant or sick. Through this activity, I realized that it was possible. This is what the club, " Healing, " previously announced about the folk remedies and medicine of Goryeo in preparation for the club medicine. As I looked deeper into what I had done in the club, I felt smarter as the contents came to mind.

What I expect from this forum is that through conversation with a foreign teacher for 3 days and 2 nights, I can improve my English skills, gain more confidence in English, and approach to the Korean medicine more closely. Finally, I want to be friendly with foreign teacher and send email after this camp and I look forward to being able to explain to my friends the history of medicine and infectious diseases fluently.

My role in this activity was to work with the material on the subject of the history of medicine in Korea, and because of the large content, me and my friends were divided into two groups. It was divided into the medical history of Goryeo and the gene disease treatment method that was popular during Goryeo. Among them, I took charge of the Late Period of Goryeo Dynasty, explored and examined data and translated the research into Korean again. And I will make the presentation with all. Our team firstly explored a lot of material on Goryeo medicine, which was divided back into the history of Goryeo medicine and the epidemic. And we did presentation preparation script and ppt production together.

While working with our team on this process, the history of the Goryeo medicine was really extensive, but since we divided it into two parts we separated the material into smaller sections and talked about it more accurately. And English became a little more familiar as I talked with a foreign teacher in English, and I think it is really good because my teacher took good care of our team.

Finally, through this joyful global issue forum camp, I was able to share and share my thoughts on the same topic as my friends of the same field, expressing their opinions on the same topic. Also, there were a lot of absurd details during the club activities, and in this activity, I checked to see if the information was correct and found out if it was actually used.