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Topic: The management style of Gaesong merchants in Goryeo and the city of Byeongnando, the center of trade, were also introduced.

At the school club, We started to reproduce the level of the Byeongnando while holding a school festival to mark the 1,100th anniversary of Goryeo. It was decided that a significant event would be held where teachers and students would receive something they did not need or use, sell things to students they needed, and donate the money to the Unification Fund. While doing this activity, he naturally started to understand a lot of information about Goryeo and the level of Byeongnando, and he became interested in it. When I became interested, I was able to apply for global camping for two nights and three days during my vacation, the same as last year. Last year, I was able to explore the wonderful memories of foreign teachers and the theme of my career, which was meaningful and enjoyable, so I wanted to join again if possible, but I was glad to be able to do so during the summer vacation.

Last year, I explored and announced the tourist attractions of Ganghwa, and this time, I will be interested in the level of Byeongnando, which was reproduced at the school festival by various events related to Goryeo, Although it was a theme related to my path, I started to select a theme about the management style of Gaesong merchants who were mainly active in the trade of the Korean market.

Before choosing this theme, I knew the basic background of the circle's academic festivals and how to trade mainly with merchants from different countries and what kind of goods to export and import. However, he did not know the details of why the city became the center of trade, and he did not know how it became the center of trade, and he began to understand the details while researching the documents with the team members.

Before this activity, through my previous activities, it had been a very rewarding time for me, who had a semblance of knowledge of the vignetting, to learn more and to learn a greater amount of information, It was a bit tough to start all the work and coordinate our opinions with our team members while preparing for everything, but the results were so good that I felt that this time would not be wasted.

I worked with the team members to share their roles, and based on the team members' research on the materials, I worked on PPT production and script production. It was a little tough, but everyone worked hard and worked passionately, so it seems that we tried to work harder together.

I hope that the rest of my time will be a little bit longer when I'm speaking with my teacher and improving my words a little more than when I'm ashamed of my poor English and don't try to take on words.Through this kind of activity, I still have a lot of problems and hope that my English ability, which I have to learn more about, will be able to speak with salma, who has spent the last two nights with me, and improve. And I hope my knowledge of the history of Goryeo, Byeongnando was the time to learn it again, will be second to none.