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2018 Personal Essay

2018 GGHS Team 3

We have to be more inconvenient.

catalyst for joining a camp - My field of interest became involved in the camp theme, and since this is an opportunity to learn more about my field of interest and to make this activity English, I applied for this camp because I wanted to improve my coordination, English and efficiency.

How did you come to choose this theme? -As I am interested in women's human rights and I enjoy reading related books, I chose this to make people more interested. I am a woman of the same sex, but there are often people who say they are not interested in women's rights and have a comfortable corset. Even when we emphasize to these people the convenience of burning corset or explain our position in society, it often does not work well or is ignored. How did you get yourself into people on the fringe of feminism, but sometimes they are a person's Place a layer of turf that feminism is difficult and after having only superficial knowledge, such as old again.Go back to people directly interested and I because it is most often, learn about feminism to criticism about the reality and to change again.I'd like to make trying will choose this topic What did you think of the subject before? - She thought that women's rights in Goryeo were destroyed, and Korea was further destroyed, and that now she has collapsed beyond comparison with the past.

What have you done so far? - Through communication with the members of the group, I shared the roles between them and prepared a paper on women, and in it, I worked to prepare a paper on the status of women in Goryeo and translate it into English.

What have you learned so far? - Smooth English expressions, common language expressions used by foreigners, the spirit of cooperation and consideration for each other's efforts to help each other finish work, and the content of discrimination and prejudice against women has become a little clearer.

my part - In the project of writing a thesis, I worked on the "Koma" part of the work I often dealt with at Ganghwa High School, wrote a thesis on the status of Korean women, and did some translation work.

team activity We shared our roles with each other in English and introduced others on behalf of each other, and also pointed out the lack of team members.


And comparing the discrimination against women of the past, such as Goryeo and Joseon, and pointing out the problems, we felt we still had a long way to go, and we felt we should be more uncomfortable. I think that uncomfortable courage changes the society. But now we are not even combining opinions. I want to be able to express my opinion in a society where every woman in the world feels that they are trapped in a world of candy, forced to be feminine, and thus unfair to the cases that are being caused by women.