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2018 Personal Essay

2018 GGHS Team 3
2018 Global Camp
Essay Writing
Topic: A Comparative Study of Women’s Status : Goryeo Dynasty, Joseon Dynasty and Modern Society
Team: 3
Student Number: 20306

The research related to Women or Women’s Studies are widely studied as well as considered as a very sensitive topic in modern socialities. The purpose for joining this camp was to learn more about women through a comparative approach. As you know that my teacher is from India, and his research topic is related to women, so I want to learn from him about women through comparative and international perspective.

As we know that history was written through a male perspective, and women never got a proper place or dignity. And now this is the need of our modern society to fix this problem. we need to fight for our rights, and we can only solve this problem with Unity.

I want to share my personal opinion with you, actually I have been discriminated so many times, at different platform. Actually its not only me who faced such discrimination in my daily life, but there are millions of women facing discrimination around the world. I want to fight for the rights of women. For that I want to use social media to share my opinion with my friends. I have to correct the wrong argument and develop right things. According to my knowledge I can use my fundamental rights to solve the problems which is related to gender discrimination, or suppression of women. By keeping all these things in my mind I applied for the Global Camp, so that I can meet people from different countries and share my thoughts with them.

This is my first time to join this camp, but heard a lot about this camp from my seniors. I really wanted to share and communicate somethings through this camp. I am so happy that we are making wiki, and because of this, people from around the world will read my essay. As I mentioned before I have been discriminated several times, so I wanted to be the voice for other women.

I always participated in the debate program in our school, once I participated in a debate related to feminism, and I already had some ideas about gender studies, but my motive was to make my ideas more broader, in order to have a better understanding about gender issues.

When I was participating in the debate contest in our school, I was thinking that how can I change unequality to equality. But at that time I didn't have much information about women condition during Goryeo dynasty. But for now I am really enjoying my topic, with great team members. I am happy that I am sharing my thoughts with my team members. I found them they are very caring and supportive. You cant imagine how happy I am after joining this camp. I know three days is not enough to understand women issues, but its good initiative by me.

For now we are trying to compare the women from Goryeo, Joseon, and modern society. Best part is that we learn to make wiki. while doing research we came to know about several famous women of Goryeo, Joseon, and modern societies. I also made PPT for my Team. Hoping to learn more, as well as I hope in coming days world will become a better place to live. Hope people will care for women and human rights.