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2018 Personal Essay

2018 GGHS Team 2

Ganghwa Girls ' High School's Global Issues Forum Camp English essay

During the first semester, I researched about Goryeo in a club under the theme of 1,100 years of the foundation of Goryeo. My mind got more complicated as I studied more and more, so I had to take time to organize what I knew. It is important to know, but it is of no use if it is not sorted out. Then, I learned about the activities in global camp. It was an activity to research, debate, and post materials. I thought learning what I didn't know was a good chance and I can tell others what I know so I decided to participate in a global camp. I usually have a quiet personality. However, I am playing the role of a team leader because I wanted to work on my own as much this time. Being a leader of the team, my teacher often called me and I had to have a meeting often, so it was a little overwhelming at first. But I became more interested in the camp.

My future dream is to be a researcher. Researchers conduct research based on existing data. I also chose chemistry as the topic because I wanted to study the celadon of Goryeo and study on the non-acquired colors that have not yet been identified. Before the camp, gunpowder was the only relationship I knew about the chemical. But this time, I learned something new by choosing an unknown field, Goryeo celadon. It was possible to complete the technique 1,300 years earlier than in China, although we were able to encounter the Goryeo celadon skill later. And there are more than four ways to make celadon, as well as the inlay technique we usually know. Also, the blue color of Goryeo celadon is said to be the use of oxidation, reduction reaction, which made me more interesting to learn chemistry.

The ability that I get most from the camp activities is cooperate with my colleagues. Unlike the usual data research, we worked with each other by helping and encouraging each other. As a result, I, who liked to do things by myself, enjoyed activities with my team. These changes will also help me later in my life. The activities with Wiki page and the team organizing things that I know and don't know give me a clear reason to participate in the global camp again next semester.