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2018 Personal Essay

2018 GGHS Team 2

Reason to choose the subject of Goryeo and Chemistry

To be honest, when I first thought about this topic, I thought about whether Goryeo and chemistry were related. I thought it was only for friends who like history. This year is 1,100 years of Goryeo so we had many events in school. Therefore, I did research about Goryeo and chemistry before. There was more information with it than I thought.

Before joining the camp, I made an announcement about General Choi, So at this camp, I wanted to talk about the chemistry of Goryeo other than the General Choi Mu-seon. Other friends seemed unfamiliar about the subject of Goryeo and Chemistry, so I wanted to let them know a lot. The most important thing I felt during the 1,100 years of Goryeo was that I, who hated history, showed interest in history and had fun.

I also wanted to tell my friends who hate history but like science and math, that it is not very difficult to understand. Moreover, there is also a reason for choosing a topic about Goryeo and chemistry that seems completely irrelevant. The biggest reason is I just like chemistry, so I wanted to talk about the topic of chemistry and study more. Also I wanted to find out about the connection between science and chemistry.