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3 days and 2 nights is too big in vacation which is only 2 weeks long. So, when who asked me if you would like to participate in the Global Issues forum, I hesitated a lot. However, I remembered that I became more interested in ' the great woman ' after discussing ' the great women ' with my friends while participating in the global issue forum last winter. I applied again because I had no regrets compared to three days and two nights. I was so tired during the first semester that I fell asleep in a standing position. I had no idea where it went wrong while walking around to wake up. The entrance examination was like a leech, and I thought that if this continues to happen, I would be full of friends who fall asleep in a standing position. So I became interested in education and took this topic because I thought it was definitely meaningful to learn about the education of Goryeo in the 1100th year when Goryeo was founded. I studied about Lee Gyu-bo while preparing a play script at a school marking the 1100th anniversary of the foundation Goryeo. Lee Gyu-bo was a examination administrator of past tests and he memorized the fact that he passed the national examination. And I like Korean history, so I remember learning hard about the educational institution while studying about the lifestyle of Goryeo. In particular, the names were not awkward because there was a local Confucian school (hyanggyo) next to my school and had experienced the tea ceremony there. However, I did not know very much about what it learned at Royal Academy (Gukjagam) or local Confucian school (hyanggyo) and any others, because it was not important for the exam and I thought that I couldn't find out about because it existed a long time ago. However, the name " Gukjagam " was interesting and I woder it because i have its lack of details aroused curiosity. Through this opportunity, what we found out about the royal academy was the division of the department of study and technology in the royal academy. Through this opportunity, what we found out about the royal academy was the division of the department of study and technology in the royal academy. It was a refreshing shock to see the technical department in the royal academy, the gateway to establishing Confucianism into its moral values. It was also expected that there would be a limit on admission to the department, but it still made me wonder. And the reason why the system was implemented was interesting. Gwang-jong introduced national examination to overcome the influence of the local gentry and discover the talent to govern with him. Before then, no matter how smart he was, it seemed to be too unfair that if his parents aren't the nobility, their posterity can't join government. I was an vice leader of the team. I was so nervous and worried that I couldn't do well because this is my first time in education. However, I slowly set up a table of contents, found some materials, wrote a play script, and made ppt data. It was especially interesting to learn how to post on Wiki media. It was my first experience that I could be the editor of a dictionary myself. Not only do I find out what I was curious things about during class, I can share it with my teammates, but I have already gained a lot from the experience of using the wiki media to share more with unspecified individuals. It is regrettable that I have not talked with my team teacher, Manik. It is true that I did not have time to speak because of the vast amount of material I have to find, but I know too little vocabulary in English to express what I think and want to say. If I meet my teacher again during winter vacation, I will say with confidence that it is good to meet you.