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Hello, I am Park attending the 2018 Global Forum Camp!

The reason why I joined this camp is because I heard that there are significant activities related to history. In fact, until I was an active participant of this camp, I thought a lot about what I would get. First of all, today (July 25, 2018) we divided into several groups and were engaged into a variety of activities connected with topics.

The topic of our group was to compare the education system of the Goryeo Dynasty with the education system of the present.

My role in my group was to investigate the educational system within an educational institution called hyanggyo, which was from the Goryeo Dynasty. In fact, there were not so many materials about hyanggyo, so it was difficult to research them, but based on the data I found on various sites, I could understand the role of hyanggyo. The reason why our group chose this theme was because there was an area called ‘education’ in the first global forum Camp. So we thought this was the best topic to discuss. What I learned from doing these activities in this camp is that when I was working in my group I realized that my knowledge was poor. I knew only that hyanggyo was created to educate local people during the Goryeo Period, but we shared our roles and I could study that topic in details. So we were able to learn more about particular topics in groups.

Also, by participating in the 2018 Global Forum Camp, we can talk with friends whom we have never talked to, and by doing activities like talking and collaborating, we can improve cooperation. I told you why I joined this camp. As you know, I`m interested in activities related to history. But now I think that we're going to see a world from a variety of perspectives, like we've chosen the field of education as well as history.

I felt that I could never again communicate and cooperate with native English speakers such as English Village after I came to high school.

However, even for a short period of time during vacation, it seems that everyone can become a global leader under these activities. Also sharing knowledge based on our own research and leaving it in a place called Wiki has become a very meaningful experience.

Lastly, I hope there is something that other people can gain by sharing our knowledge and resources with Wikis.