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2018 Personal Essay

2018 GGHS Team 1

At first, I was interested because my friends were participating in the camp.And because I know the problem that I am not good at English, I got involved in wanting to be good at English through this opportunity. I want to speak English better through this camp.The reason why I chose this subject is to increase our pride in the Goryeo Dynasty by comparing the technologies of foreign countries with those of Korea.I knew it was made metal type in Goryeo, and the oldest book made from metal type was Jikji. I knew it was a temple.But exactly why metal types were made, I wasn't quite sure what it was. But I learned a lot about metal types through investigation. Metal types were made to make up for the disadvantages of the type, which was originally made of wood, which was difficult to store due to its cracks and curves, and of its poor printing efficiency. The first way to make metal types is to carve 어미자 in wax. Second, Wrap the wax and then form a mold. Third, pour molten iron into a mold by mixing copper, tin, and lead. Fourth, remove metal types made by pouring molten iron and trim them. Fifth, arrange the type to fit the print. Sixth, put ink to the print surface and print paper on top of it. Only through this process are metal types made. The fact that metal types were made from metal, so they could be kept for a long time, and that Goryeo made metal types the first of its kind in the world. I investigated metal types from Goryeo. I usually had very little confidence in English so I ran away when I ran meet a foreigner on the street. And I am afraid of standing in front of many people as well as confidence in English. But through this camp, I think I can overcome my fear of making a presentation.