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Topic: Management in Goryeo Dynasty, The stage of the Gaeseong merchant - Byeongnando

I applied for 'The Global Forum Camp' because i believed that i will have a beneficial and useful time that will help me to achieve my dream to work abroad and to be a global talented person. Actually i was motivated by this topic as i'm interseted in management and business as i want to work in this feild, but unforunatly I do not have much knowledge about it as reading articles and books was my only way to get my information. However, through this camp, it was a chance to learn a lot about the management and trade of the Goryeo Dynasty, the detailed information about Byeongnando, 'Yeseong Port' , and also about imports and exports as well. In my team, i was designated to do research about the date. while doing my task, I felt that i went back by time to Goryeo that makes me eager to read more and became more passionate about it. Furthermore, it was so useful to learn how to use wiki that it made think that i should use it more often. Also i'm looking forword to

And I was in charge of researching data within the team. While searching for documents, I felt like I was in the era when I was searching for them. So I could find out more. Also Wiki It was very good to get lots of information through this media. So I thought I should use this wiki more often next time.

I'm excited about my team presentation and the other groups and i'm looking forword to knowing how they will discuss about their topics. It was enlightening experince that i will never forget about and it am glad to meet different teachers with different nationality and share our knowledge and culture together for 3days.