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2018 Personal Essay

2018 GGHS Team 2

What I want to gain through Global Camp

Since I was born, I have learned how to speak with my father. Even now, we talk in English, because he is English teacher. Of course, I'm not good at English enough, but I wanted to test my Inglish skills through conversation with many foreign teachers through Global Camp. Such as 'How much could I understand?' and 'How much could I say?' I wish I could improve my poor knowledge through this camp.

Our topic is chemistry and technology related to Goryed. Our group is divided into two group-chemistry and technology- because we have a large number of people, and I'm included in chemistry. Because my career has more related with chemistry than the technology.

Thinking about what might be related to Goryeo and chemistry, we came up with an idea of Goryeo celadom and gunpowder.

My role was to find information about gunpowder.

I knew that the gunpowder is came from China and that the Choi Moo Sun made it. But through this research, I learned that we need KNO3, sulfur, charcoal, etc, to make gunpowder, how they react and the properties of these meterials.

I hope I can find more information and make a great presentation in the remaining time.