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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 9

1.Why did you join this camp? -Last vacation, I don’t join the global camp because I am afraid talk about English with foreigner teacher. But before this vacation, I decided participate in this global Issues Forum camp. Because I thought that there was no difference if I kept avoiding it. And I wanted to improve my english skills and have a chance to talk with foreigner teacher. Also I thought that can make a good memory with my friends and seniors. So I decided participate in this camp.

2.Why did you choose this topic? - My topic is education of Ganghwa. My dream is math teacher. If there was a topic of mathematics in this camp, I would have chosen mathematics, but they did not have mathematics, so I decided to choose the education that best matches my dream.

3.What did you know about the topic before this camp? -Before the participate in this camp, I knew just basic things about what kind of process to go through to become a math teacher and what kind of qualities I should have.

4.What did you learn about the topic during camp? - I can learn many things. The theme is the education of Ganghwa. Therefore, we looked for the keyword of education in 2018 and preceeded to explore the activities in Ganghwa. Educational keywords in 2018 were ecological education, happiness education, history education, and peace. We choose three keywords, without peace. In order to do this activity, we needed to revisit the activities we did for a year. I did not remember what I was doing at school for a year. However, according to the educational keywords, we looked back at the activities we did and we knew what activities we were doing. I did a lot of searching to find the right content for the three keywords, and I noticed that there are really many activities conducted at the school, as well as at other schools in Ganghwa, as well as at Ganghwa. In three keywords, I chose mainly was history education. It was surprising that we had a lot of activities related to the history of the year in our school, and that we had organized the event in line with the educational keywords. Looking back at the activities I did in relation to history in Ganghwa Girls’s High School, it was also a time when I was able to feel the new meaning. We searched for activities that match the three keywords, found out what to do and what to look for, and then came up with the idea that it would be okay to tell us what we were looking for in the future. After analyzing the activity, we had the activity of presenting educational keyword of 2019 directly. The keywords we presented were ‘Education for cooperation without competition’,’Extending horizontal communication’ and ’On-site nature-friendly education’. It was a good time to present new keywords and find out what we really needed and what we lacked. Through this camp, I was able to learn more broadly about education, not just basic things to become a teacher.

5.What was your role in the team? - I have explored history among three keywords. I had searched for what activities we have done in relation to history in our school, and I have searched for advantages, disadvantages and complementary points. We tried to present the final day’s press conference. So we needed a presentation script and I wrote the script. I was able to get a lot of help by asking the foreign teacher about the hard part of the unknown part in preparing the script and preparing the presentation. And I helped seniors to finish the group essay.

6. What did you feel about the camp? - This camp was a tough challenge for me, who was afraidn of English. But I encouraged to participate in the camp. After the camp was over, I thought I was good at participating. I did all the activities in English for 3 days and 2 nights while camping, I can get many things. I talked with foreign teachers about the contents of the script, explained each other in English, and in the process of fixing errors, I was able to work in my own way. It was because I was able to study while doing my own activities rather than studying English with a book open. I was also not afraid to speak and write English. Of course it will take time to get well… One thing I regretted, however, is that it has fewer topics. I hope the next global issues forum camp has various topic than this camp. Because there were few subjects in this camp that were suitable for science students. Next time, I hope the camp has various topic that students has more interest.I will definitely join the next camp.