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2018 Personal Essay

2018 GGHS Team 1

I usually found English difficult, that’s why I wanted to get confidence in it, at the same time exploring engineering field and technology. That is the reason I decided to join global camp. I hope my English conversation skills improve as I speak English with teachers. Also, I hope it will help my future by researching and learning about technology. I choose this topic because I could learn a lot about the science and technology of the Goryeo Dynasty by studying cannon and metal types. Before joining this camp I knew what cannon was used for, how it was used, how to make metal types, and the background of metal types which was used during the Goryeo Dynasty. And I knew about Gutenberg in Germany. During global camp I learned more about cannon and the scientific principles of cannon. By comparing cannon from the Goryeo Dynasty to that of China and Europe, I also learned about the pros and cons of each other. I learned more about metal types from the Goryeo Dynasty, especially about the background, how they were made, the merits, and the influence of metal types from Germany. I think I understood the cannons and metal types better by doing my own search. My role in the team is to research about metal types in Germany and make an announcement about metal types in Germany. Through global camp, I can get interested in English and have confidence in my presentation. By working with the team, I was able to develop a sense of community and cooperation. In future I want to become an architect so, as I learned more about the technology of the Goryeo Dynasty during this camp looks like it will help me to achieve my goal.