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Is it possible to apply for Global camp when I am not good at English? My friend asked me to join her at the Global camp. But I hesitated a lot because I am not good at English. Listening to my friend's saying that I can participate even if I am not good at English, I decided to apply for this global camp to eliminate my fear of English.

This year marks the 1100st anniversary of Goryeo. So, the theme of this global camp is also related to Goryeo. Not long ago, our school held a ceremony to celebrate the 1,100 year anniversary of Goryeo and we had Goryeo food exhibition. As we were preparing for the exhibition, we learnt a little about the dietary life of Wang Gun, the founder of Goryeo, and the merits of some of the foods people ate during Goryeo Dynasty.

So, our group decided to participate in this global camp under the topic of Goryeo food because we could use data from the Academic Seminar we had and examined the main dishes, tea, and alcohol among them.

Our team had only two members but we thought we might do well. Before I started my activities, I only knew just a few dishes that came from Goryeo such as Seolleongtang, Seokguk Kalbi, and so on. But when I was at the camp, I realized that there was not any meat or fish on the Goryeo people’s table, because Buddhism was established as a state religion, and Korean people started eating meat in the middle of 13th century. And it was also newly discovered for me that there was a professional tea house in the royal court called the Daban(다방) which was in charge of the affairs of the royal banquets or tea ceremony. With this activity, surveying the information about Goryeo’s food and posting it on the wiki, I felt pressured because of the fact that people around the world can watch our work. I hope the information I posted about Goryeo cuisine will be helpful for people all around the world. And, I think now I can explain about Goryeo to others in detail in the future.