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This year marks the 1100st anniversary of the Goryeo Dynasty. So, our school decided to make this year’s global camp theme is also related to Goryeo. The reason I joined the global camp was that I thought it would be a good opportunity to find out more about food of Goryeo and that I would be able to practise my English. Last time I joined the global camp, it made me feel confident in English, so I applied again.

I have a great interest in food. I like eating very much even though I have never investigated where food came from and how it was made. I thought food is a good topic and I wanted to learn more about it because I want to be a nutritionist in the future. So, I choose food as the theme for this global camp.

Before this camp, I knew during Goryeo Dynasty people ate yuminak, gujeolpan, galbi, and multi-style dishes. But I did not know about other dishes or how they were made and where they came from. During this camp I was doing research and I learnt what kind of food people ate, what ingredients were used, how they were made, and why they started eating them. I also learnt that eating three meals a day has come down since Goryeo Dynasty.

There were only two members in the group, so we had to do data research and make ppt presentation together. Though there were many difficulties in searching for information and translating into English, we were helping each other. I think this camp also was an opportunity for me to work more closely with my friend. As a result of our hardworking, I think now I can really explain the food of Goryeo to others in the future. And, when I will eat other food later, I think I will eat it thinking about how it was made and what ingredients were used.