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Despite my poor English speaking skills, I like talking with foreigners. During the first semester, I took the conversation class with Mr. Russti once a week in the dormitory’s English conversation class, and I feel that it is the charming advantage to concentrate on your partner’s talk more in order to listen to his or her speech better.

I thought it would be a meaningful experience for me to explore and discuss the subject of the "Global Camp" with the native English teachers for two nights and three days. I chose the subject related to medicine because my dream is to be a veterinarian. It was in May last year when I became interested in the veterinary science. Since I was young, I have persuaded my mother around 10 years to have a puppy. After moving to Youngjong Island in May, my father and I brought a puppy to our home. Dad named him Mansik, and after a year, he has become a complete member of our family.


I always thought while going to the vet: "How happy would I be when I cure and treat animals?". I thought about the vet, who examined Mansik with great care, it was cool. So I started dreaming of a veterinarian career. As I searched for the topic related books and read them, I naturally became interested in the life science and medicine. I also participated with the Academy of Veterinary Medicine of Seoul National University's high school students, I have a high level of interest and knowledge about medicine while reading books on veterinary medicine, but I did not know about the Goryeo Dynasty. So this is a topic that has become more new and interesting. Eight people interested in the same field as me gathered to form a team. We decided to divide the huge topic about Goryeo Dynasty into smaller parts of medical history and infectious diseases. I took a role of the epidemic and the treatment methods of the Goryeo Dynasty. Perhaps because I wanted to know more about folk remedies practices during the Goryeo Period than about the history.

The teacher of our team was Zarina. She was pretty and spoke Korean very well when there was a need! On the first day, OT was conducted in the school room, and the research started in the dormitory. Goryeo had little medical data compared to Joseon. I made a mistake while looking for the data because it was all from the Joseon Dynasty. After all the twists and turns, after finding the appropriate materials, I was primarily in charge of organizing the materials. The mixed data were grouped, sorted, tabulated and numbered. As always, I felt really good when I finished the organizing because I felt proud and thrilled about it.

While studying, I learned about many historical facts, the types of the infectious diseases and their aspects. Jangyeok, Onyeok, Malaria, Rabies… I learned specific definitions of infectious diseases, symptoms, and the national institution which was in charge of them. The knowledge I gained has made me grow, and I want to do some deeper research. Medicine really seems like an endless world. Being given the development of seeming absurdly remedies from the Goryeo Dynasty, now we wonder in what direction they will develop in the future.

I hope someone can find useful the information that our team put up after working hard for two nights and three days. I also hope other students do these activities and find them easily. When I find the information I need some time. I would like to thank Zarina teacher as well. It was touching for me when she bought the snack. It's sad that I don't get a chance to talk to my teacher a lot, but she seems really nice.