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2018 Personal Essay

2018 GGHS Team 2

A Growing Me With Global Forum Camp

2018 Global Forum Camp! I am now attending English camp which is held even during the short 2 weeks of summer vacation. Some of my friends halted me for doing it in only two weeks of summer vacation. Then, I told them firmly. " I have never missed a camp. The more I went to camp, the more confidence I have in speaking English. I couldn't say a word at first, but I did a little at the second time. Therefore, I will talk to my teacher in English a lot this time! " Then added “My friends♡, Let’s go together!” As a result, now I am participating in the camp with my friends, and this time I decided to challenge myself to speak English with my teachers.

My topic in this camp is investigating the chemical principles of the color of Goryeo celadon. Someone can say, 'um..?' for this topic. However, we talked about the topic on the 1100th anniversary of the foundation of Goryeo, I was very curious to hear about this topic and it's an amazing subject. Actually, I did not know much about Goryeo celadon. I only knew that the colors were so pretty and wonderful and enemy take the pottery makers with them during the war. Anyway, as I searched with my friends, I found out that the colors of Goryeo celadon use oxidation and reduction reactions. Know-how to make a celadon was a secret, so now there is no way to know. It was regrettable that we had to figure out a way to make beautiful Goryeo celadon, not just like the old one. However, it was a great try to find the way to make things in history step by step with advances in technology. I also wanted to develop and discover something that would help people.

I am so happy and easy to find the article on the first base of our group in a short time. Anyway, it was a good chance to learn English as well as Goryeo celadon, learn many things together. Also, I like to learn new things, this is the first time I have learned how to sign up for the wiki and tried to upload it by myself. I thought I'd like to upload other things that I'm interested in. This is very amazing experience to me. At this 2018 Global Forum camp, I became a strong person, because I have less fear of speaking English and being courageous than before. I hope I can become a growing person by trying many things to learn new things.