2016 Hanmun Workshop

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The Jangseogak Archives at the Academy of Korean Studies is offering a three-week intensive course on-campus from 4th July to 22nd July, 2016. Graduate students, young researchers, and professors of Korean (not excluding Chinese and Japanese) studies who have received at least two years of training in classical Chinese or completed comparable courses in Asian studies are welcome to apply.

The workshop will run for 6 hours everyday from Monday to Friday for three weeks (morning lectures and afternoon practicum for translation), and will also include opportunities to explore historic sites related to the reading materials addressed in the workshop.

The workshop aims at creating a global knowledge-building community of Korean studies. All lectures and discussions at the workshop will be conducted in English; at the same time, it will require translation of the original sources into English. Apart from the translation project, each participant will be obligated to write a no more than ten-to fifteen-page introductory article on one primary source of his/her own choice from a list of fifty texts derived from the Archives (to be completed within six months from the completion of the workshop). The fifty texts will be carefully selected by the scholars of the Archives in consideration of the participants’ expertise and interests.The authorship of each translated piece and article will be accredited to the individual contributor; however, both the translated sources and the introductory articles will belong to the public domain of Korean studies and be published online for academic purposes.

The Academy of Korean Studies will provide the participants with round-trip airfare (no more than 1,800 USD), tuition, and board and lodging. Graduate students are required to submit letters of recommendation from their advisors.


Intermediate Training Group Advanced Translation Group
Instructor 오영균 (吳英均, Young Kyun Oh) 송재윤 (宋在倫, Jaeyoon Song)

Vadim Akulenko, Cheung Karwin Chi-on, Cho Monica Wonju, Choi Hyun Joo, Cosgrave Lucille Eve, Jasmin Kevin Axel, Mayahi Lya, Polak Aleksandra Maria, Sleziak Tomasz Michal, Soja Sylwia Maria, Sotirova Irina Vladimirova, Vojtiskova Marketa,

Gehlmann Martin, Hyeok Hweon Kang, Lee Sook Pyo, Lethbridge Orion, Liu Lidan, Östberg Sigfrid, Nathan Woolley, Jamie Jungmin Yoo,

Resources Intermediate Training Group

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Old Documents - Joseon Sources

Reading and Translation Assignments

Primary Source Documents and Final Translations