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(Part III. Old Documents 古文書)
(Part III. Old Documents 古文書)
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III-1. 慶州 防禦里 上洞契 『射契考往錄』
III-1. 慶州 防禦里 上洞契 『射契考往錄』
III-1-1. [[(Translation) 壬辰3月22日 射契改立義 | 「壬辰3月22日射契改立義」]]
III-1-1. [[(Translation) 壬辰3月22日 射契改立義 | 「壬辰3月22日 射契改立義」]]
III-1-2. [[(Translation) 癸亥2月15日 完議 | 「癸亥2月15日完議」]]
III-1-2. [[(Translation) 癸亥2月15日 完議 | 「癸亥2月15日 完議」]]
III-2. [[(Translation) 慶州 防禦里 上洞契 完議序 | 慶州 防禦里 上洞契 契案 「完議序」]]
III-2. [[(Translation) 慶州 防禦里 上洞契 完議序 | 慶州 防禦里 上洞契 契案 「完議序」]]
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III-3. [[(Translation) 慶州 防禦里 上洞契 考往錄 | 慶州 防禦里 上洞契 「考往錄」]]
III-3. [[(Translation) 慶州 防禦里 上洞契 考往錄 | 慶州 防禦里 上洞契 「考往錄」]]
III-4. [[(Translation) 萬曆22年 鎭川 立案 | 萬曆22年鎭川立案]]
III-4. [[(Translation) 萬曆22年 鎭川 立案 | 萬曆22年 鎭川 立案]]
III-5. [[(Translation) 1354年 尹光琠 別給文記 | 1354年 尹光琠 別給文記]]
III-6. [[(Translation) 1354年 尹丹鶴 斜給立案 | 1354年 尹丹鶴 斜給立案]]
III-7. [[(Translation) 1354年 尹丹鶴 所志 | 1354年 尹丹鶴 所志]]
III-8. [[(Translation) 1354年 尹東眞 等 所志 | 1354年 尹東眞 等 所志]]
III-9. [[(Translation) 1354年 眈津監務官 題辭 | 1354年 眈津監務官 題辭]]
III-10. [[(Translation) 1722年 英祖 朝鮮國王世弟冊封誥命 | 1722年 英祖 朝鮮國王世弟冊封誥命]]
===Part IV. Miscellaneous Writings===
===Part IV. Miscellaneous Writings===

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연도 성명 국적 소속 직위 연구/전공분야 그룹
2019 - - - - - Advanced Translation Group


This workshop (Advanced Translation Team) will train researchers of Korean studies to read traditional Korean sources and to translate them into contemporary English. For such purposes, This workshop has been designed as an intensive three-week course (six hours daily, overall 90 hours, not including historical field trips) on a variety of Korean sources including: royal court documents, literati writings, philosophical treatises, historical essays, folktales, literary works, social and economic documents, etc. Through a series of graduate seminars, we will read these sources and translate them into English in a highly collaborative manner.

Each translated piece will be a stand-alone article with a detailed introduction, fully annotated translations, discussions and questions, references, and suggestions for further reading. Our collective translations will be published online. All of our works will belong to the public domain of Korean studies and be used for pedagogical and research purposes in the future. The products from the two previous workshops are available on the Jangseogak website:

In the future, all the materials in the website above will be transferred to our new website of Korean Documents:


We will produce a set of definitive translations through team work. All the participants will be required to make contributions in our daily seminars. Each participant will be presenting on sources of his/her choice and lead off discussion with questions and insights on the meanings of those sources. In addition to the pre-selected sources, each participant will be required to dig up the digital archives of Korean sources to find relevant sources for further discussion in class.

During the first two weeks, the participants will have learned to analyze and interpret the meanings of the given texts as well as to translate those sources into English. In the last week Seminars, the participants will present the sources they have found on the digital archives as well as in Jangseogak Archives (The Soyiyeon [reading room] will be open daily,” and discuss their significance. In the third week, aside from the presentations, we will continue to read the documents included in the textbook.

Journal of Korean Documents

We plan to found a new peer-reviewed academic journal solely for the purpose of discovering a variety of Korean documents. The translated documents we have produced so far through the former workshops will eventually be published online as stand-alone articles in the Journal of Korean Documents. All participants who have successfully completed the Hanmun Workshop (Advanced Translated Team) will be granted membership of this journal. This journal will serve as the forum of debate on Korean documents. We recommend that you consider submitting your own findings about Korean documents. The specifics of this journal will be announced soon.


  • Session 1 - 9:00–10:30 AM
  • Session 2 - 10:40–12:00 AM, 1:00–2:00 PM
  • Session 3 - 2:10–4:00 PM
Week Date Contents
Week I Jul 1 Opening Ceremony, Placement Test, Introduction
Jul 2 The Royal Documents
Jul 3 The Royal Documents
Jul 4 Literati Writings
Jul 5 Literati Writings
Week II Jul 8 Literati Writings
Jul 9 Old Documents
Jul 10 Old Documents
Jul 11 Old Documents
Jul 12 Old Documents
Week III Jul 15 Seminar *
Jul 16 Seminar *
Jul 17 Seminar *
Jul 18 Seminar *
Jul 19 Seminar *

(2019)Primary Sources for Korean Studies

Part I. The Royal Documents 王室文書

I-1. “裵權朝謝文書”(1419) 《韓國古文書精選》 2, 「朝謝文書」, 10.42-43.

I-2. “金憙訓諭敎書”(1792) 《韓國古文書精選>》 3, 「訓諭敎書」, 11.52-53.

Part II. Literati Writings 士大夫文章

II-1. 金時習 《梅月堂文集》卷之二十 「名分說」

II-2. 鄭澈 《松江原集》卷之二 「戒酒文」

II-3. 成俔 《慵齋叢話》卷之九 「文明論」

II-4. 崔鳴吉 《遲川先生集》卷之十一 「丙子封事第一」

II-5. 徐命膺 《保晩齋集》卷第七 「北學議 序」

Part III. Old Documents 古文書

III-1. 慶州 防禦里 上洞契 『射契考往錄』

III-1-1. 「壬辰3月22日 射契改立義」

III-1-2. 「癸亥2月15日 完議」

III-2. 慶州 防禦里 上洞契 契案 「完議序」

III-3. 慶州 防禦里 上洞契 「考往錄」

III-4. 萬曆22年 鎭川 立案

III-5. 1354年 尹光琠 別給文記

III-6. 1354年 尹丹鶴 斜給立案

III-7. 1354年 尹丹鶴 所志

III-8. 1354年 尹東眞 等 所志

III-9. 1354年 眈津監務官 題辭

III-10. 1722年 英祖 朝鮮國王世弟冊封誥命

Part IV. Miscellaneous Writings

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